Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Graduate Certificate in Ethics: Program on Values in Society

The Program on Values in Society (POV) is dedicated to research, teaching, and outreach on ethical issues that arise across the disciplines.  The Program is committed to facilitating the multidisciplinary collaboration that is essential to finding practical and insightful responses to today’s myriad moral problems. The members of the Core Faculty are currently working on a variety of issues, including global climate change and geoengineering; immigration and international justice; and medical practiceand disability rights.

The POV Certificate in Ethics aims to facilitate graduate research in ethics as it arises across the disciplines. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for integrating ethics and ethics scholarship into their chosen field.

The curriculum is designed to accommodate diverse student interests and to facilitate cross-disciplinary conversations and scholarship. The core sequence, VALUES 511
provides students with the necessary groundwork for pursuing ethics scholarship as it relates to their field of study. A student’s faculty advisor will be in charge of helping the student select additional courses specifically suited to his or her interests to form a cohesive program of study. These courses range across disciplines. for a sample list of such courses, click here

This Winter, POV Professor Sara Goering will be offering "Ethics Matters" (PHIL 511), which is one of the courses in the core sequence and counts toward the certificate.

In Spring, Professor Carina Fourie will offer "Ethics in Practice" (PHIL 495) and be running the Capstone Workshop for the Graduate Certificate in Ethics (PHIL 513).

The graduate certificate program is only open to students already enrolled in other graduate degree programs at the University of Washington. Successful completion of the Certificate Program will be noted on official transcripts.

More information about the program's requirements, curriculum, and faculty can be found here <>. Please feel free to email me ( with any questions about the program.