Thursday, July 2, 2015

Environmental Management Graduate Certificate

The Environmental Management Graduate Certificate is a credential students can earn while pursuing a Master’s or PhD at UW to help prepare for a career in the environmental field.
Earning the certificate gives students unique opportunities:
·        Learning about environmental issues by integrating environmental policy, business, and science.
·        Applying that knowledge on a real-world student consulting project with a government agency, business or nonprofit.
To earn the certificate students:
·        Take 3 core courses in the areas of environmental policy, business, and science; and
·        Complete a team-based 2-quarter project with the guidance of a faculty mentor.
We connect students with a partner organization for their project. Each year a portfolio of projects representing a broad range of issues is compiled and students work with the program director on identifying a suitable project and team.
Graduate students from across the University of Washington campus participate in the program each year providing a unique opportunity to work with students from a wide range of disciplines.
Environmental challenges are complex, and if we are to be successful in solving them, an interdisciplinary approach is imperative.  A diverse group of students add value by bringing the skill set and perspective from their own discipline to the collaborative study in this graduate certificate program.
The Environmental Management Graduate Certificate is professionally-focused and students build skills in project and time management, communication, and teamwork. Students earning the EM certificate pursue a wide range of career opportunities from environmental consulting firms to public agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. From recent alumni:
Consultants at firms including EMI Consulting, Cascadia Consulting, EnviroIssues, Triangle Ass.
Financial Analyst at the National Park Service
Directors of Operation at FishChoice, connecting sustainable seafood buyers and sellers
Oil Spill Contingency Plan Specialist for the Washington State Dept. of Ecology
Conservation Coordinator at Center for Natural Lands Management
Environmental Engineer at GeoEngineers Inc.
The Environmental Management Graduate Certificate broadens the graduate student experience through a unique interdisciplinary learning environment as well as providing a focus for studies to prepare for a career in the environmental field. Students develop professional skills and gain hands-on experience addressing a real-world environmental challenge.
Students interested in learning more can contact the advisor, Ana Wieman at or the program director, Dr. Clare Ryan at  Our priority application deadline is January 15, 2016. More information is available here:

Research Opportunity in Designing High Freq. Digital and Analog Boards

Are you interested in designing radio frequency (RF) boards or digital boards including high frequency FPGAs and super-speed USB-3?  We are developing a USB dongle that includes all of the above; and currently have a position for an interested senior student to assist with the PCB development. You will gain valuable experience with
PCB design software (Altium Designer) as well as the circuit design process. 

Must be interested in troubleshooting and working independently. Soldering skills, or prior experience with hardware or RF design, is a plus. You will obtain independent study course credits (499) for the terms you work on this.

If interested, please contact Farzad Hessar "" OR Prof. Sumit Roy "".

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Junior Electrical Engineering with Pillar Product Design

Pillar Product Design in Seattle, WA has an open part-time position that we are looking to fill immediately.  We are looking for a junior level electrical engineer with real-world experience and qualifications in the following skill sets:
·         Proficient in both analog and digital design
·         Developing microprocessor or DSP-based systems
·         Experience with OrCAD or equivalent tools
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

We would like candidates to have a solid understanding in the following areas: 

·         Experience with medical device development
·         High speed digital design (memory bus design, Gigabit Ethernet, USB)
·         On-board switching power supplies
·         Experience with wireless layout and design
·         EMI considerations and compliance

We are looking for an individual who wants to push their skill sets to the next level and obtain some real-world experience working in a small creative design studio. At Pillar Product Design you have the opportunity to work closely with a variety of talented, experienced and creative individuals. We get to work on some really fun and challenging projects. You will also have the opportunity to work closely with clients and gain valuable experience in understanding the product development process. We are looking for an individual that has excellent problem solving skills, some real world experience, and a passion for working and developing inspiring products that have the power to change people’s lives.


·         BS or MS degree in Electrical Engineering, or equivalent
·         A minimum of 3+ years of electrical engineering experience, with a record of success in bringing products to a finished stage

Please submit all cover letters and resumes to

STEM Coordinator Position at High Point Neighborhood House (multi-service organization in West Seattle)

We have an opening for STEM Coordinator.  This is a regular, full-time, benefit eligible position, open to external and internal candidates. The complete job description is available at the link below. This was previously an internal posting. Please help us spread the word about this opportunity.
·        STEM Coordinator

Application Deadline is JULY 13, 2015.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

UW Sustainability is hiring!

UW Sustainability is currently recruiting a student intern to support our Green Laboratory program. To apply please visit: and search for #91979. Please forward this notice to any interested students. 

Internship Title: Green Laboratory Certification Coordinator

Internship Description: The Green Laboratory Program provides resources and guidance for laboratories on campus to implement sustainable practices, including a certification program to recognize laboratories that decrease the University’s environmental impact in alignment with the UW Environmental Policy statement and the Climate Action Plan goals.

Internship / Learning Goals:
1. Gain hands on experience in project management, program development, collaboration, networking, communications, marketing, and development of
evaluative and educational materials under the direction of the Program Supervisor.
2.  Learn how to effectively communicate with a variety of stakeholders and navigate through the complex structure of the University
3.  Learn how to incentivize sustainable behaviors within a laboratory setting
4.  Learn more about sustainability at the University through knowledge discovery

The expected outcomes of this internship are:
1.  Continue to promote and expand the Green Laboratory Program by:
       a. Certifying labs and offering consultation services to help labs implement sustainable practices
       b. Working to secure sponsorship support for the program
       c. Creating and administering department and college-wide competitions
2.  Evaluate the certification program effectiveness, identify areas of improvement for the process of certification, and work with the Green Laboratory Advisory Committee to address challenges and opportunities for the Green Laboratory Program.
3.  Continue to share best practices for greening labs with higher education institutions, and identify areas of program improvement based on best practices from other institutions.
4.  Achieve reductions in energy use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generated on campus in laboratories
5.  Report measurable metrics such as:
       a. Number of laboratories applying for certification (Overall Total)
       b. Number of laboratories certified as green laboratories (Total and at each level of certification)

Salary will start at $12 and we would like a one year minimum commitment for the position. For questions please contact Sean Schmidt: 

Monday, June 29, 2015

International & English Language Programs Opportunities for UW Students

Do you want to become involved in an international community? Would you like to practice your foreign language skills and/or help others practice their English? Do you want to share your culture and learn about others’ cultures? You need a conversational partner!

The UW IELP Language exchange is a program which matches students enrolled in the International and English Language Program with native English speakers who want to improve their skills in another language. A pair will spend half of the time speaking in English and the other half speaking in the language they are learning.

This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends, learn, practice another language, and share culture and language. We have many students who speak Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Students who speak other languages are also welcome to apply and will be matched when possible! We also have many exchange partners who are interested in a cultural exchange but want to speak only English with their partners!

If you would like to be matched with a conversation partner, please sign up online at

Do you want to work in a classroom setting? Do you want to help others practice their English? Become an In-Class Facilitator!

These volunteers come to our International and English Language Program classes once a week and help instructors lead small-group discussions in their English with our students. This experience is more structured; we place you in a classroom according to your availability and you work directly with teachers and students at a set time and place.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please sign up online at

Ambassadors are volunteers that have a chance to talk and integrate new students into our program. Ambassadors play an important role in orienting students through a new and often scary experience. Some activities ambassadors participate in are Conversation Clubs, Resource Fairs, activity trips, and a mid-quarter party.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please sign up online at
If you have any questions, please email Johanna at

Americorp positions open for recent graduates

We are looking for energetic, creative people to join a UW and Neighborhood House team (West Seattle location) focused on providing low income and immigrant youth with opportunities to learn afterschool.  We have a creative approach called STUDIO that provides making and tinkering activities to introduce youth to STEM, design, arts, and health.   See the position descriptions below:

Idealist listing:
Full position description: