Thursday, January 5, 2012

CALL FOR APPLICANTS: Knowles Science Teaching Foundation 2012 Teaching Fellowships

The KSTF Teaching Fellowship program

A great teacher empowers students to change their world for the better. Are you committed to becoming that teacher?

If you are, a Teaching Fellowship from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) could change your world.   KSTF knows that teaching is a complex, intellectually challenging profession requiring specialized learning, access to experts and resources, and deep practice.  The Teaching Fellowship meets the needs of high school mathematics and science teachers from the onset of the credentialing process through the pivotal early years of their careers.

KSTF supports passionate, dedicated teachers to thrive in the profession, lead from the classroom and become change agents in education.  The five-year fellowship is one of the most generous and comprehensive in the nation, providing tuition assistance, monthly stipends, cohesive and comprehensive professional development, and access to a close, collaborative community of like-minded colleagues.

"KSTF has been crucial to my growth as a teacher and a teacher leader."
Jason Gipson-Nahman, Physics Teacher, KSTF Alumnus

KSTF awards Teaching Fellowships in the three disciplinary areas of biology, mathematics and physical sciences to individuals who demonstrate exceptional content knowledge in the area they intend to teach, a commitment to teaching high school in U.S. schools, professional ability, and the potential for leadership.

If you are passionate about teaching high school math and science and dedicated to challenging and supporting all students, the KSTF Teaching Fellowship could help you succeed in ways you've never imagined.

"KSTF is helping me to push students to understand things more deeply, to become risk takers and to solve problems."
Alexandra Fuentes, Biology Teacher, 2008 KSTF Biology Teaching Fellow

Learn more about our Fellows and the KSTF Teaching Fellowship program

Visit us today and apply online
Deadline:  Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 5:00pm

Research Workshop: For students looking to start research

January 11, 2012
Mary Gates Hall Rm 171E

This workshop will answer question for those looking for research opportunities:
* How do you find a research project?
* How do you approach a faculty member to ask for a research project?
* Expectations of doing research, what does research mean and how does it vary from the classroom experience?
* What is the time commitment of research (weekly, quarterly, long-term)?

Want more career planning?
Major Skills Workshop April 18 @ 3:00-5:00pm CHB 102 (RSVP required)

The Science and Math Advising Link and the Undergraduate Research Program

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

UW iSchool Employer Connections Fair - Jan 11, 2012

The Information School is hosting its 4th annual Employer Connections Fair (ECF), next week on January 11. Employers will be looking to fill a wide variety of information and technology related positions, including internships and permanent positions. This fair is open to all UW students so please feel free to encourage any of your students who may be interested in meeting and networking with industry professionals.
iSchool Employer Connections Fair
Wednesday | Jan. 11, 2012 | 1:30-4:30pm
Mary Gates Hall, The Commons (1st floor)
Pariveda Solutions
Sno-Isle Libraries

Curious about who else is coming?  Visit our attending employers' page,, for a current list of participating organizations and their descriptions. 
Learn more about the UW Information School:  Celebrating 100 years of connecting people and information.

Project experience for an EE undergrad with Rhapsody

My name is Nathan Rozendaal (UW Alum) and I work for Rhapsody (the music streaming subscription service).  One of my responsibilities is to oversee our new innovation program.  As part of this program we hold a "hackathon"(or as we call them "RhapAThons") for our company roughly once per quarter.  In these events the company devotes 48 hours to working on new and innovative projects.  Our next event is early February. 

The reason I'm writing you is that we have a project that involves an innovative in-home integration of Rhapsody via a new wifi-connected audio device that we are conceptualizing that requires some heavy EE expertise/involvement.  I thought it could be potentially an interesting project for a UW EE undergrad to be involved with.  There is no available compensation but it could be a great experience for a student and give them an opportunity to work on a device that has the potential of reaching hundreds of thousands of users.

Nathan Rozendaal  

Study abroad workshop with Scholarship Junkies

Thursday, 1/26 from 4 - 5pm in MGH171 - The Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity
Scholarship Junkies - current and former UW students - will:
*  offer tips for accessing international education programs
*  discuss their experiences with racial and ethnic identity issues while studying abroad
*  answer your questions!
Visit to RSVP (drop-ins also welcome).  Have questions?  Email Sara Stubbs at

Presented by Global Opportunities -

MSE 555 (4) - Molecular Biomimetics Peptide-based Materials for nanoBiotechnology & Medicine

Time/Place: TuTh 9:30-11:30 a.m. MUE 155 (subject to change)
Partially supported by GEMSEC:
Genetically Engineered Materials Science & Engineering Center
Instructor: Prof. Mehmet Sarikaya

Topics to be discussed may include:
-         Combinatorial in vitro and in vivo peptide selection
-         Post-selection Protein Engineering
-         Peptide binding: Assembly, Kinetics & Thermodynamics
-         Molecular Structure: Experimental
               (NMR, AFM, CD, FTIR, Spectroscopy)
-         Molecular Structure via Computational Modeling
-         Bioinformatics for Protein/Peptide Design
-         Hybrid Molecular Constructs
-         Designer/Designed Protein-Based
               Molecular Templates
-         Peptides/proteins as:
       -       Molecular Erectors
       -       Molecular Assemblers
       -       Genetic Linkers
       -       Molecular (Cancer) Probes
       -       Designed Molecular Matrices
                       for Tissue Engineering
       -       Peptide Amphiphiles for Regenerative Medicine
-       Self-assembled Nanostructures (DNA, proteins, Peptide)
-         Bio-nanotechnology- nano-electronics, -photonics, and -magnetics

The Labs & Hands-on Experience - 5 Lab experiments on:
-       Phage and Cell Surface Display
-        Biomolecular Adsorption: ELISA, QCM, SPR, etc.
-        Biomineralizing Hydrogels (scaffolds for tissue regeneration
-       Cell culture studies:
-       Self-assembled peptides (SAPs) - Formation (AFM/STM) & Utility (peptide-Nanowires)
-        Peptide-enabled nano-Devices (bionanosensors, gFET: graphene field effect transistors)

The Classes ..
-        Will be presented by the instructor and invited UW and prominent outside speakers from diverse disciplines,
-        Will be in the form of informal presentations and discussions,
-        Will include supplementary material (handouts, published papers, video)
-       The course requirement will include short lab reports & a full proposal (prepared via NSF or NIH format) or a formal publishable paper based on student/post-doc research area that uses designed peptide or protein towards nanotechnology, bionanotechnology, or medical


Interested in learning more about science and biotechnology research as a career? The UW Amgen Scholars Program provides a transformative opportunity for some of the nation's top undergraduates to explore and prepare for careers in scientific research. For more information, visit:

The application for the 2012 UW Amgen Scholars Summer Research Program is now live!  APPLICATION DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 1, 2012. 

To learn more about the program, register to attend an upcoming Amgen Scholars Program Information Session:


January 5 - 4:00-5:00pm, MGH 171
January 10 - 3:00-4:00pm, MGH 171
January 18 - 10:30-11:30am, MGH 171 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

National Student Exchange!

I am writing to invite you to consider the National Student Exchange 
(NSE). NSE gives you an opportunity to experience a different area 
with its unique cultural and academic opportunities. Since NSE's 
beginning in 1968, more than 96,000 students have had the opportunity 
to participate in NSE, giving them the opportunity to:

  • broaden their personal and educational perspectives
  • experience new cultures
  • explore new areas of study
  • learn from different professors
  • access new courses
  • experience personal growth
  • meet new people
  • make new friends
  • live in a different area
  • investigate graduate schools
  • seek future employment

Many returning UW students describe NSE as a life-changing experience 
which has made them more independent, self-confident and resourceful; 
expanded their risk-taking capabilities; and helped them better define 
their academic and career objectives. Students who have been on 
exchange return to UW with lasting friendships formed with students 
from all over the country.

Prior to exchange, you will develop a written agreement to ensure that 
the work you satisfactorily complete on exchange will count toward 
your degree program here. NSE operates with tuition reciprocity 
(tuition paid to our campus or at the in-state rates of the host 
campus) and federal financial aid portability. Your nomination for 
participation will be done by NSE @ UW, with selection by the host 
campus being completed in March. With placement rates of 97 percent, 
our students can generally find a location to meet both their academic 
and personal objectives.

Think about it. Visit Talk with your parents, 
adviser, and professors about this exciting opportunity. Then, plan to 
attend one of our information sessions where we will explain the 
details of the program, provide brochures, outline application 
procedures, and answer all of your questions.

The session schedule is:
Jan. 3rd, 1:30
Jan. 6th, 12:30
Jan. 9th, 2:30
Jan. 12th, 10:30
Jan. 17th, 12:30
Jan. 18th, 10:30
Jan. 23rd, 1:30
Jan. 27th 12:30
Jan. 31st, 2:30
Feb. 2nd, 12:30
Feb. 8th, 12:30
Feb. 10th, 1:30
Feb. 13th, 2:30
Feb. 16th, 1:30

All sessions take place in Mary Gates Hall 173R (enter through 171). 
Applications for next year's exchanges are due by February 3rd, with a 
space-available deadline until Feb. 17th.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. I look forward to 
meeting you.

Clay Schwenn
Academic Counselor
UAA Advising, 141 MGH

Tutor-mentors needed for on campus service-learning opportunity!

The University of Washington Academic Support Program is offering a service-learning seminar titled "EDUC 401: Tutoring and Mentorship in Higher Education" for Winter Quarter 2012. This weekly seminar will introduce junior and senior students to a diverse range of tutoring, mentoring, and teaching methodologies. Students will have an opportunity to apply what they learn in class through tutoring and mentoring new transfer, freshman, and sophomore students who are transitioning socially, culturally, and academically to the University of Washington. This is a great opportunity for seasoned students to give back to the University by sharing their knowledge and experience with new students who are working to become independent learners.

-         Seminar begins 2nd week of Winter Quarter,  January 9, 2011
-         Seminar will meet on Mondays from 3-4:20 PM (section F) or from 5:30-6:50PM (section G)
-         Tutoring will take place on campus
-         Receive 2 credits for working with one student
-         Receive 3 credits for working with two students
-         A letter of recommendation will be available upon request after completion of the seminar

For more registration information, please contact Anne Browning at: