Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Image Rendering and Image Processing Engineer Co-op

Location:                              Bothell, WA

Department Profile:
The position will report into the Leadership Solutions group within the Development Engineering Team of R&D Ultrasound. The Leadership Solutions group is a small team that focuses on advancing clinical solutions for key areas such as obstetrics, cardiology and radiology, through the appropriate application of new and existing technology.  The Development Engineering Team also incorporates the System Engineering group, a multidisciplinary and dynamic team that provides leadership in System Design and System Architecture to support efficient, customer focused development of Ultrasound systems from low-end to premium. We work directly with our cross-functional and cross-discipline partners, including marketing, clinical specialists, service personnel and supply chain, to deliver solutions which exceed our customers' expectations.

Position Responsibilities:
The Image Rendering and Image Processing Engineer intern will have the opportunity to make significant contributions and impact to the presentation and interpretation of ultrasound images.  The Image Rendering and Image Processing Engineer intern should be comfortable working in cross-disciplinary, collaborative environment.
Working under the direction of a senior clinical engineer/scientist, the candidate will be expected to apply their existing knowledge as well as investigating “off the shelf” and novel solutions including those solutions that exist outside of medical imaging, such as those found in the video gaming industry.
There is considerable scope, for the right candidate, to generate original work that could shape the future direction for many years to come.

Additional responsibilities include:
• Lead internal usability studies
• Work with Product Marketing to define/refine needs
• Present design ideas

Position Requirements:
• A strong interest in creating imaginative solutions to real world clinical needs.
• BS/MS/PhD candidate with strong programming skills and a robust knowledge of image processing methodologies.
• People skills
• Creative, Self-starter, capable of working on well-defined problems with moderate guidance.
• Analytic and writing skills
• Familiarity with routine MS Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Philips is an equal opportunity employer.

While working under the direction of a Senior Engineer this candidate will be given ownership for feature-component development tasks which will be associated with software applications used within the Ultrasound R&D software development community.

These tasks will encompass a broad range of software development disciplines including prototyping, development of algorithms and integrating with a newly developed tool framework. The candidate will own the successful delivery of both the software component(s) as well as all associated multi-phase software process deliverables including software test and requirements management.

Position Requirements:

· Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or current enrollment in aforementioned programs.
· 1-3 year’s software development experience which may include internship, co-op or educational experience.
· Knowledge of and experience with C# design and coding.
· C#, .NET and Perl programming is preferred.
· Ability to analyze and solve complex problems.
· Strong desire to learn and adapt to new technologies and challenges.
· Knowledge of software development lifecycle.
· Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to interface in a cross-disciplinary manner.
· Self-motivated individual with good organizational and time
***** Due to government contracts, Philips is only able to hire US Citizens. 

Immediate Openings for SDET - 2, 3 month contracts.

We are looking to staff immediately, 2 SDET 3 month contracts with Amazon. This would be a great opportunity for graduates or alumini who are very tech savvy and tech focussed (as opposed to Dev/PM combo). They can contact me directly at or 206-353-4370 (cell and text). We could look to set up phone screens as soon as this week.  

Software Development Engineer in Test(SDE), New Programs. Contract Position
We’re building a new team to launch a new Amazon program that will be sure to turn a few heads. When we reach out to other teams for help, we get responses like this: “I *love* that Amazon is [redacted] and want to do everything I can to help you.”

Our program impacts Amazon’s core retail business. Your friends, family, and’s millions of other customers will know what you built. The thing is, our project is secret so we can’t just hang a bunch of details about it out on a job description. So how, you may ask, can we hope to lure SDE's to our team without providing those details - when there are over a thousand Amazon SDE positions open in Seattle? Good question, and one to which I may not have the answer, but here’s what I’m thinking: instead of describing the program in detail, I’ll describe the ideal Software Development Engineer candidate in detail. If this sounds like you, then it’s likely the role on our team would be a better fit for you than those thousand other ones. Sound good? Okay, here goes:

You may be the ideal Software Development Engineer candidate for this specific project if:

You are a good person, and care about others more than yourself
You are disproportionately motivated by the thought of launching V1 of something vs. launching v2…n
You like to work with a wide array of technology (services, front-end, data mining) rather than specialize in one particular area
You like to work without a map or guide. You’d rather be thrown into the deep end and solve complex technology problems for yourself rather than have your hand held
You truly care about the business results of what you build, not just the elegance of the technology you build
You adapt to change well, and aren’t particularly phased by course changes

You may be the ideal Software Development Engineer candidate for our team if:

You are open and honest
You have a positive and optimistic personality. Setbacks motivate you to work harder
You are confident in your technical abilities, and maybe even have a bit of an ego, but you keep your ego in check
You are passionate about your craft, and opinionated about the right way to do things (but you aren’t a jerk about it)
You’re willing to change your mind (stubborn on vision, but flexible on details)
You prefer to work very hard on the exact right things for 8 hours a day and then go be with your family and friends, rather than work a 12-hour day that includes correcting people on Reddit or debating the merits of your language of choice vs. Python/Ruby/etc.

Does this sound like you? If so, and you meet the software engineering qualifications below, then you should apply for this position. Not to worry, if you come and interview we’ll tell you a lot more about the project. By the time we make you an offer you’ll have the complete picture. Trust me, you’ll like it.

If this isn’t you, but sounds like a Software Development Engineer you know, then it is your duty to tell them about the role. They’ll thank you later.
Basic Qualifications
A Software Development Engineer (SDE) on our team is required to have these qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
Proficiency in, at least, one modern programming language such as C, C++, Java, or Perl
5+ years professional experience in software development
Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis

Preferred Qualifications
A Software Development Engineer (SDE) is particularly valuable to our team if they have any of these qualifications:

Experience building highly-available distributed systems on cloud infrastructure (e.g. AWS)
Expertise in Java, Python, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS
Interest or experience in designing and tuning an AWS CloudSearch-based search service
Knowledge of professional software engineering practices & best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Experience brewing beer or baking sweet breads (or cookies)

Position with City of Forest Grove

The City of Forest Grove, Oregon, is recruiting for an Electrical Engineer in our Light & Power Department. I was hoping you might pass on this information to graduates of your engineering program who might be interested, as well as to those soon to graduate. Candidates can find more information and apply online at our website, at

Project Work with

I work with a company called We have a line of products referred to as The Silent Generators. Most of our products currently utilize acid gel batteries which are charged with solar panels. We would like to develop a new product line that is based exclusively on lithium-ion batteries. We expect to work with Chinese manufacturers to produce the solar panels, lithium batteries, inverters and the plastic housings that will accommodate the batteries, inverters, outlets and input ports.

We would like to start by designing a system that will accommodate a 1500 watt-hour lithium-ion battery, an inverter, and a plastic housing. The housing should have input ports to accommodate solar panels, household current and cigarette lighter outlets from cars for charging. Outlet ports should include three 110V three-prong outlets, three USB outlets,  a 12V outlet (for 12 volt refrigerators). There will need to be a 3000 watt inverter that is capable of handling current spikes when the compressors for refrigerators/freezers start up. We would like to be able to chain a second 1500 wh battery to a complete original system.

What is needed are specs for the inverter, design for putting the inverter together with the battery and for attaching both to the plastic housing with its input and outlet ports. We need to have a design for a plastic housing that is attractive and durable and we need dimensions and drawings that can be provided to the manufacturers.

We will start with the 1500 watt unit and then develop 50, 150, 500 and 3000 watt units. This could evolve into a full time position with the company as the new products are conceived and developed.

Wages are negotiable and deadlines are tight. If interested, please contact me by email: or by phone: 360.756.1911 or 360.224.2004. 

Engineering opportunities abroad with GS E&C

GS Engineering and Construction ( in Korea is interested in hiring undergraduate engineering students. GSE&C is particularly interested in Civil, EE, and ME students who would like to work abroad, in particular, in the Middle East.  An ideal student would have some proficiency in Arabic.

Apparently there likely are opportunities in other parts of the world, as well (e.g., Latin America, Southeast Asia).  Interested students should contact Jean Choy (>, who is Associate Dean for Executive Education and International Initiatives in the Foster School of Business.

Business Internships for Non-Business Majors -- Employer Panel

Tuesday, February 12 4:30–6:30pm in 134 Sieg Hall

You don’t have to be a business major in order to succeed in the business world!
Regardless of whether you ultimately want to pursue a career in business or one in a nonprofit organization or government agency, completing a business-related internship will enhance your skills, your confidence, and your resume, and will make you a more versatile job applicant.

The truth is that majors in the College of Arts and Sciences develop a wealth of relevant abilities such as keen analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills as well as a variety of great professional characteristics such as enthusiasm, creativity, agility and a strong work ethic. These are some of the qualities most valued by employers in all sectors, includ­ing business.

Our Business Internships for Non-Business Majors Employer Conversation will represent an array of companies that offer a variety of internship possibilities such as management training, consulting, marketing/PR, and more general opportunities.

Come and broaden your horizons: Hear what real employers have to say about business internships for non-business majors!
Tuesday, February 12 4:30–6:30pm in Sieg Hall 134

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Engineerin/LSAMP Study Abroad in Australia-Feb 15 Deadline

Summer 2013 Engineering/STEM Study Abroad to Brisbane Australia.  The deadline to apply is February 15.   The program is a collaborative venture between Engineering (Aeronautics & Astronautics and Engr. Advising), OMAD LSAMP and Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  

Our undergraduate research is focused on underwater autonomous vehicles. We are really looking for a diverse group of students to apply and participate.  The program is a great option for our engineering students who are looking for an engineering/STEM research experience in an international context. Both pre-engineering and engineering majors are welcome! 

Learn more at: or

SUMMER 2013!!!
Join LSAMP, the UW College of Engineering and Applied Physics for Study Abroad Australia.

2013 Thunen Memorial Scholarship Announcement

The Illuminating Engineering Society is actively looking for students to apply for the Thunen Memorial Scholarship. 

·         Deadline April 1 for fall 2013-2014 school year
·         $1000-$5000 scholarship for:
o   Third or fourth year undergraduate student
o   Grad Students
·         Special consideration for specific projects or Grad students working toward a thesis about light or lighting
·         Fields related to lighting - architecture, electrical engineering, interior design, theater, film/TV, lighting design, vision or a field clearly related to lighting.
·         Students must be in Northern CA, Northern NV, Oregon or Washington state.

Performing Research at UW Workshop Tomorrow at 3:30PM!

Greetings!  The CLUE Writing Center will be conducting a "Performing Research at UW" workshop TOMORROW at 3:30PM in Mary Gates Hall 284!

This workshop will cover the basic research skills needed to complete assignments quickly and easily, using subscription resources available through the UW Library system and the world wide web. Come find about:

  • How to Get Started on a Research Project 
    • What are some effective ways to brainstorm for possible research topics, create research questions, and/or develop effective search terms?
    • What are the benefits of subject searching and how can it save you time? 

  • How to Locate Sources
    • What are some of the best resources available through the UW Library system and the world wide web?
    • What are peer-reviewed articles and how can you quickly skim to see if they contain the information you need? 

  • How to Utilize Sources
    • What do you do with your sources once you've found them?  
    • What are some effective ways to integrate sources into your assignments?

  • Citing sources
    • What are some of the key components of the main citation styles?  
    • How can you avoid unintentional plagiarism?

CLUE Writing Center tutors will be on hand to assist participants with any specific research questions or tasks they have, so please feel free to bring any relevant assignment prompts or research material you have to the workshop.  

All pertinent details are listed below.  We hope to see you there!

WHAT:  Performing Research at UW Workshop
DATE: Wednesday, February 6th (that's tomorrow!) 
TIME: 3:30PM

Research Experience for Undergraduates at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

I am pleased to announce our 2013 Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). This 8-week summer REU program will provide selected students with the opportunity to perform in-depth research with faculty at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Students will work on various research topics based on personal interests while guided by experienced faculty and graduate student mentors. The Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks (CURENT) is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center (ERC). CURENT seeks to develop the technology to fully accommodate the future renewable resources and power grid.  This future continent-wide grid will need to be fully monitored and dynamically controlled in real-time for high efficiency, high reliability, low cost, better integration of renewable energy sources, full utilization of energy storage, and accommodation of responsive load. The specific projects for our summer REU will focus on power systems, power electronics, cyber security, power market structure, data visualization, power conversion, smart grid technology.                   
The dates for the 8-week program are May 26-July 19, 2013. Students will receive a stipend of $4,000, up to $500 for travel expenses, and free on-campus housing. In addition, students will attend professional development workshops to enhance their academic experience and prepare them for the next phase in their careers. I would like to encourage you to look at our  website ( for program details and requirements. Application deadline is March 22, 2013. Thank you for your time.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Electrical Engineering Professional Master's Program Info Session - 2/21

Whether you're already working as a bachelor's level electrical engineer or want to break into a new field, the UW Professional Master's Program (PMP) may be for you. The Electrical Engineering PMP offers a work-compatible Master's degree in electrical engineering and courses taught by UW Seattle's world class Electrical Engineering faculty. Our faculty's cutting edge research informs their teaching, allowing you to bring the latest ideas to bear in your career. The PMP is a part-time, evening program designed for working professionals and leads to the same degree offered through the daytime program – the MSEE.

Interested in learning more? Attend our upcoming information session:

On-Campus Information Session
Thursday, February 21st, 2013, 6-7PM
Electrical Engineering Building, Room 303

We hope you’ll join us!

Questions? Email us at or call at 206-616-4909.

Lightspeed Summer Fellowship Program

Earn up to $45,000 this summer to build your startup at Lightspeed!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for more than an internship this summer? How about getting quality time with some of the investors behind companies like Nest, Snapchat, TaskRabbit and GrubHub? Follow in the footsteps of the founders of Pinterest, Pulse and Lark.  Lightspeed Venture Partners’ is now accepting applications for its Summer Fellowship Program

What exactly is Lightspeed’s Fellowship Program?  Think of it like a scholarship - we provide resources, mentorship and guidance so you can spend your summer experiencing what it is like to build a company. Now in its 7th year, the program’s alumni include over 150 fellows, including Ben Silbermann of Pinterest, and a number of successful founders of companies. 
Each selected team will receive $5,000 per team and $10,000 per team member, mentoring from Lightspeed’s partners, space at Lightspeed’s office in Menlo Park, CA and additional resources to help you make connections and get started. Fellows are under no obligation to Lightspeed and we receive no equity as part of the program.

To see a short video about the program click HERE

Applications are due March 22, 2013.  For more information about the program, past participants and the application check out:

New Product Engineering Position with Starkey Hearing Technologies

Title New Product Engineer
Job Posting Starkey Hearing Technologies has an exciting opportunity for a New Product Engineer!

Do you want to be part of a collaborative and innovative team? If so, you may be interested in our New Product Engineer position. As a New Product Engineer you will be responsible for developing, implementing and improving new flexible circuit boards, thick film ceramic hybrids and surface mount assembly manufacturing processes required for the new product introductions. This position provides dedicated prototyping focus for new product development corporate projects and augments the current engineering team within Starkey.

Starkey Hearing Technologies is headquartered on a 47+ acre campus located in Eden Prairie, MN rewarding employees with beautiful, on-site walking trails. But that’s not all, Starkey has two caf├ęs with outdoor terraces, four weeks PTO, excellent medical and dental coverage, 401k, ESOP, adopt-a-highway programs, community involvement and so much more. Known worldwide for its celebrity endorsements and annual gala, Starkey’s Hearing Foundation supports the gift of hearing and has donated over 110,000 hearing aids globally in 2011 alone, supporting our mission: “So the world may hear”. Voted one of the nation’s Top Workplaces in 2012, Starkey is changing lives the world over.
  • A 4-year college degree (M.S. or Ph.D. preferred) in engineering or a physical science with a strong emphasis in metrology, materials science, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, physical analysis, and chemical analysis
  • This position is intended for a MSEE or BSEE new graduate
  • Minimum 2 year experience (with B.S. Degree and no experience with advanced degree) in process or manufacturing engineering required including failure analysis of printed circuit boards and/or electrical components, using DOE and SPC tools and other formal problem solving techniques
  • Moderate use and application of technical principles, theories, and concepts
  • Knowledge of SEM, EDX, Auger, FTIR, GC/MS, SIMS, AA, LC, TGA, DSC, DMA, Ionograph, and other analytical tools and procedures is required
  • Knowledge of materials science, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, plastics, statistics, chemistry, metrology and hybrid manufacturing required
  • Knowledge of electrical engineering, acoustics engineering, communications systems, new product development systems and quality systems desirable
Skills & Abilities
  • Works under general supervision. Is given basic instructions, then work is reviewed for technical judgment and adequacy
  • Develops and communicates solutions to routine technical problems
  • Contributes to the completion of detailed technical tasks. Failure to achieve results can be overcome, but may cause delays in program schedules
  • Contacts are primarily internal company contacts including supervisor and group professionals. Occasional contact with external customers and suppliers
  • Comprehensive knowledge of analytical and metrology tools and interpretation of the data from these tools
  • Excellent leadership and people skills
  • Excellent Communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Mentor, lead and train other technical coworkers
  • Interpret drawings and component specifications and able to communicate with sketches
  • Need to have demonstrated exceptional performance in past reviews
  • Japanese fluency is highly desirable
Posting Number 12314
Job Type Regular - Full Time

Country United States [US]
State/Province Minnesota [MN]
City Eden Prairie
Street Address 6425 Flying Cloud Drive

Students can e-mail their resumes directly to me at

Coco Communications Info Session - Wednesday!

Hack Your Career: Subversive Decisions that Pay Off in the Long Run

Join us for a casual Info Session with  A. Riley Eller, VP of Technology and Security at CoCo Communications (and a celebrity of sorts in the global hacking community) where he’ll talk about optimizing employment decisions at the start of your engineering career.   Google the name “Riley Eller” and you’ll discover an accomplished technologist known for his work in distributed algorithms, reverse engineering, and applied cryptography;  in this open session he’ll talk about some of the more counter-intuitive decisions he made while building his own successful career, and open the floor to questions about hacking, technology, and building a successful career of your own.

Wednesday, February 6
EEB 403