Thursday, January 2, 2014

Science Communication Clinic | Finding Your Message | ENVIR 500A

*COMPASS Science Communication *Clinic Winter 2014 - Finding Your Message -

T Th 1:30-2:50 (1/14 through 2/6) in ACC 120 | 1 Credit C/NC

This 4-week, fast-paced workshop is designed for graduate students (2nd year or later) who are on the cusp of publishing their science and have a strong desire to get their messages out beyond the ivory tower. Students will better understand the latest research on effective science communication and engagement; learn tools for developing clear messages about complex research findings; and practice talking about what they do - and it why matters - in clear, lively terms.

This clinic is essential professional development and will fulfill the prerequisite for future clinics on engaging with the traditional and online social media in Spring 2014.

The clinic will be taught by Liz Neeley, COMPASS Assistant Director of Science.

*What is COMPASS?*

COMPASS is a non-profit dedicated to helping scientists connect themselves and their science to the wider world. By giving scientists the communication tools they need, and by bridging the worlds of science, journalism, and policy, COMPASS works to ensure that science is better understood and used by society.

Liz Neeley helps connect science and scientists across a diverse range of topics and catalyze synthesis through workshops, conference symposia, presentations and peer-reviewed papers.

*How to Apply*

Please send the attached application form to

If the application form didn't make it through as an attachment, either request one or send an email with the following information:

- Name, affiliation, degree program, expected graduation date.
- Describe your research in 100 words or less.
- What attracted you to the course (2-3 sentences)?
- What do you most hope to walk away with (2-3 sentences)?

EE CarEEr Fair Networking Workshop

In advance of the EE CarEEr Fair and HKN/IEEE Casino Night (January 15th), EE Advisors will be offering a workshop on professional networking on January 9th. For many students, face-to-face networking can be the most intimidating part of the job search process, yet it is an essential skill that will serve you well in your job search and future career. Please join us for a one-hour presentation on networking do's and don'ts - to put your best foot forward at these upcoming industry events and as you start building your career.

EE CarEEr Fair Networking Workshop
Thursday, January 9th 
4:00 - 5:00 pm
EEB 303

We hope you can join us!

Jicamarca International Research Experience Program - JIREP 2014

The students will work with staff engineers and scientists on projects related to ongoing research or instrumentation development programs. Research may be conducted in neutral atmospheric and  ionospheric science as well as radar/radio instrumentation and software development. Given its location, frequency of operation, and array system, most JRO's research capabilities are unique. Besides the unique research capabilities where students are welcomed to propose and run their own  experiments, JRO offers a good opportunity to get hands-on-experience on different aspects of radar systems, from changing the antenna connections, improving RF components of the system, to  develop sophisticated acquisition and processing programs.

A side benefit of the program is that students will get to know Peru, heir to ancient cultures and rich colonial tradition. This program is offered to junior/senior undergraduate and/or first and second year graduate students and will cover the travel expenses (to and from Lima), as well as a reasonable stipend. Given that the Observatory is located outside Lima city, transportation will be provided.

• Application deadline: January 24, 2014
• Decision: February 20, 2014
• Starting date: Anytime between May 12 until June 20, 2014
• Duration: 10 weeks

More information and application/recommendation forms can be found at or by contacting us at

Graduate Writing Studios

ENGL 492 (2 credits)
"Graduate Writing Studio"
21022 ENGL 492 A        M W 0830-0920    MGH 278
21023 ENGL 492 B          T TH 0830-0920    MGH 278

In this course, students develop strategies they can apply to graduate writing tasks from their chosen disciplines, or to completing papers for publication and other professional purposes.

Upon completion students will have a better understanding about the conventions of writing in their academic fields. Students will analyze and report on writing in terms of:
- Structure and layout of a successful article or paper written in their field or for their department courses
- Vocabulary and rhetorical/grammatical style
- Guidelines for department papers or for journal submissions
- Citation style

Students will also be asked to apply the above conventions to a paper that they have written or are in the process of writing for a course or for publication in a journal.  These could also be proposals/papers for conference presentations, or other professional projects.

No add codes are required for registration. *Please note that a course fee of $713.00 is charged in place of tuition. Students will need to check with their department to see if they will cover the cost of the class.  Departments who agree to pay for the course can do so by contacting the UW Professional & Continuing Education Registration Office at 543-2310, and providing them with a budget number.  Students who do not receive funding from their department will need to pay for the course when winter tuition is due.

Contact Amy Renehan ( if you have questions about the course or registration.

Part-time job opportunities for students with Samsung

I wanted to reach out to you with a question about some opportunities for your students.  We are going to have a  project that last approximately 6 months and is going to start in early January.  This will  be in our Bellevue office and in our S-Voice Group.  We are looking for 10 college students (5 native English speaking/5 native Spanish speaking) who can work about 25 hours a week. 

The project does not require technical background (other than basic excel skills) but rather an out-going personality and great communication.  The testers will essentially be speaking phrases/commands into the voice recognition on our devices and recording the results in excel.  Small job description is below:

·         Testing S voice app with multiple Scenarios provided from HQ
·         Need to test with excellent pronunciations/ability to correct test cases.
·         Observe errors while testing.(since using same test cases, person need to find differences day by day..)
·         Judgment skills(need to explain about failed test cases.)
·         Excellent excel skills(test cases is excel with formulas)

It will pay about $18-20 per hour.  If you can distribute this to anyone you might feel would have an interest I would appreciate it.  You can have them e-mail me their resume directly.

Jason Flournoy | R & D Staffing | Samsung Mobile
1301 E. Lookout Drive |Richardson, Texas 75082
o: 972.761.7483 | m: 972.693.3060