Friday, December 5, 2014

UW-SEBA: Science and Technology Showcase

SEBA and the Buerk Center's Science and Technology Showcase is an excellent opportunity to show off your technology or new idea, win prize money, network with local business people and MBA students from the Foster Business School, and learn about other projects on campus!

STS - Thursday January 15th, 2015 5-7pm Anthony's Forum, Dempsey Hall

Posters, pitches, food, drinks, networking and prize money!

Applications close Friday 12/19 at 5pm, teams will be notified Monday 12/22 by email.

Contact Brian Mogen, or Karen Eaton, with questions.

UWRA Scholarship in Aging announcement

UWRA Scholarship in Aging
Up to four $4,000 scholarships will be awarded to students pursuing research or careers related to aging. Scholarship funds will apply to student accounts for Spring quarter (March 30, 2015).
Eligibility: Open to UW undergraduate, graduate and professional students currently enrolled at any UW campus.

  • Demonstrated experience in and commitment to working with older adults (paid or volunteer)
  • Academic performance
  • Communication skills
  • Financial need
  • Application, available at
  • Current unofficial UW transcript
  • Current academic year FAFSA
  • All materials DUE by 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 3, 2015
UW Retirement Association Fellowship in Aging
The UWRA Graduate Student Fellowship is a one-quarter fellowship to support graduate students of outstanding academic merit who have a demonstrated academic and personal interest in aging-related issues or concerns.
Eligibility: Open to graduate students who are currently enrolled and not in their last year of study at the time of application; must be enrolled in full-time credits (at least 10) during the fellowship quarter.

  • Demonstrated academic focus on aging-related concerns or issues as evidenced through the academic/research statement, curriculum vitae, letter of recommendation;
  • Personal commitment to aging-related concerns and issues as evidenced through the personal statement, letter of recommendation, curriculum vitae, etc.;
  • Academic merit as evidenced through GPA, letter of recommendation, transcript, curriculum vitae.
  • Cover sheet, available at
  • Application including academic/research statement, personal statement, curriculum vitae
  • Letter of recommendation from faculty advisor
  • Unofficial UW transcript
  • All materials DUE by 12:00 noon, Friday, February 6, 2015

Participate in MLK Day of Service this January!

This January 19, honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  by joining a community of volunteers, ready to provide vital people-power to organizations that support King County’s most vulnerable populations. Each year the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service inspires more than 1,000 volunteers to donate their time to nonprofit organizations for day-long service projects that make a difference for months to come.

Join UW students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends in this annual day of service by building a team as a project leader or by registering individually for a public project. Project leaders will have the ability to design their service experience by selecting the project that most draws their interest and by building a personal team of friends and partners. If you are interested in signing up for a service project as an individual, keep in mind, there will be more options as we get closer to the day of the event.

Also, don’t forget to join us for a celebratory kick-off. Come together with other volunteers and community members in recognizing the service and activism the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has inspired on:

January 19, 2015
8am - 9am
Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center
*Morning beverages and pastries will be provided

The MLK Day of Service is produced in partnership by the UW’s Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center and United Way of King County.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Application period open for 2015 Fulbright UK Summer Institutes

The US-UK Fulbright Commission opens applications today for the UK Summer Institute Award Programmes for US Undergraduates.  Each Programme varies in duration, from three to six weeks, and offers students a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in the study of British academics and culture. Students will take part in cultural events, research, collaboration, and presentation at an esteemed British University.

Students from all areas of study are encouraged to apply. We offer nine Summer Institutes, each of which will cover a different theme. These institutes include:

  • be a US citizen (resident anywhere except the UK) and possess a US passport;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have a high level of academic achievement with a minimum GPA of 3.5 (confirmed by academic marks, awards and references);
  • have completed no more than two years of university study ( i.e. applicants should currently be a Freshman or Sophomore in college/university)
  • be mature, responsible, independent, and open-minded;

The Awards will cover the majority of all costs incurred, including flights to and from the UK, university fees, and room and board at the host UK University.

Please note: Applications for the 2015 Summer Institute Awards should be submitted via an online form (links available on programme websites) and supplemental material e-mailed to the specified address. Deadlines for 2015 are:  26 February or 5 March, 2015 – depending on the Institute. Please make sure to check the specific Institute page for the particular deadline.  Application instructions are available to students on the programme website.

We recommend students read all the information on the website before beginning an application as it may answer many initial questions.

Specific details about the UK Summer Institute Awards can be found at:

CHID 2015 Summer Programs open for applications

Want to study abroad next summer?

CHID is happy to announce that all of our 2015 Summer Study Abroad Programs are now accepting applications!

You can read the full details on our website, but here is a quick peek at what we’re offering:

- CHID Viet Nam (A-term) - Building for Peace in the Wake of War
- CHID/Honors Bangalore, India (A-term) – Social Justice and Artistic Expressions

The deadline for Summer applications is January 30th.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the application process –

Hiring Admissions Office Tour Guides

While the freshman application for Summer/Autumn 2015 closed on Monday, the Office of Admissions is starting another important recruitment cycle. We’re hiring the next talented class of student tour guides.

Enclosed is the link to the Campus Visit Programs tour guide application. We are keenly interested in students who are fluent in more than one language.

The position pays $10/hour and is open to all students. Tour guides usually work two to four hours per week, except during the spring rush in March and April, where they can work upwards of 19.5 hours per week.

Please refer students to the following contacts:

·         Brent Nagamine, Admissions Counselor, | 206.221.2304
·         Matt Sekijima, ’14, Student Director,
·         Philip Arbaugh, ’15, Student Director,

You are also welcome to contact me questions at 206.221.0652 or

EIC Team Looking for EEs

I'm Henry Kellogg, an ME undergraduate senior and the owner of an electric cargo bike business called LionTail Cycles, and I'm looking for people who want to build what I believe will be the best utility bicycle EVER. It would feature an advanced, lightweight carbon-fiber frame; an electric assist with regenerative braking; a battery with a 50+ mile range and a 5 year warranty; cargo capacity and even the ability to carry an adult passenger; a powerful light system with turn signals; a wind & rain fairing; a wheelbase small enough to fit on a bus bike rack; and more.

The team would compete in UW's Environmental Innovation Challenge, and would receive $2,000+ of funding, incredible mentorship and networking opportunities, and the chance to win up to $10,000 in prize money.

I have 2 roles that I think would be best filled by an EE major:

Battery Design, Construction, and Management - The bike would use 18650 lithium cells, similar to those used in many electric cars (notably, the Tesla Model S). The Tesla offers an 8 year warranty on its battery pack, while most electric bicycle batteries last less than 3 years - and yet they use very similar cells. I'm looking for someone who will help me select the battery, tune the system to interface with this battery properly, and develop a charging solution that will maximize the battery's lifespan.

Controls - An electric bike contains a motor that assists the rider's pedaling efforts. This motor can be activated in many ways, and very few electric bikes have a smooth, reliable means of motor activation. In addition to motor activation, this bicycle will feature a light system and potentially other electrical components. I'm looking for someone who will help design and implement the controls of this bicycle's electrical components, which include motor, lights, and other parts.
EE students can usually earn EE 499 credit for these projects. 

If you're interested, please email me ASAP at

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

REU 2015: Summer Research at the University of Southern California

Greetings from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. I would like to introduce you and your students to the 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) at the University of Southern California.

This REU program allows students completing their Sophomore or Junior year the opportunity to spend summer break working alongside USC’s world-class faculty on cutting-edge research in engineering and computer science. Participants will gain valuable research experience and receive a stipend for living expenses in Los Angeles. University housing and transportation will also be provided.

Interested students are encouraged to visit our SURE webpage to review available research projects for 2015 and to start an application.

Applicants to the Summer Research program should be outstanding undergraduate students in engineering or computer science who are currently of Sophomore or Junior standing  and must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or Canadian citizens. The deadline to apply for SURE 2015 is February 2, 2015.

Due March 16, 2015 - Applications for $30,000 Graduate Research Awards in Hydropowers

The Hydro Research Foundation is leading the Hydro Research Awards Program designed to stimulate new student research and academic interest in conventional or pumped storage hydropower. The awards are made possible by a grant from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

In 2015, the Foundation anticipates making one-year awards to 10-15 students. Students are selected based on research vision, innovation, academic performance, potential for leadership and overall strength of their research proposal. Each award includes the following:
  • A living stipend of up to $18,000.
  • A tuition, fees and university-provided health insurance allowance of up to $10,000.
  • Travel costs to attend the Annual Hydro Fellows Roundtable each year the student is in the program.
  • The student's academic advisor for the research will be awarded $2,000 annually into a University discretionary account, for aiding in, and supervising the research. The advisor may also have the opportunity to attend HydroVision International held annually July.
  • Each student may have the opportunity to participate in an internship with an industry partner. These internships may result in employment for the researcher.
  • Each student will have an industry mentor and a Foundation mentor.
  • The Foundation will assist the student in finding employment in the hydropower community.
For information, eligibility, topics of interest and application materials, the Foundation invites you to visit the website.   

Important notes on the 2015 awards:  Applications are due March 16, 2015, for appointments beginning June 2015 for one-year funding.  Questions regarding the funding announcement can be directed to 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Internship or Co-op project to develop a Data Acquisition System

Phonon-Energy, Inc. is a small private non-profit startup that is developing practical clean energy solutions, such as weak force technologies (A.K.A. Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR), to counteract climate change.
Headquarters in Shelton, WA, Phonon was established in 2014, by David Daggett, a former engineering technical fellow who was responsible for initiating the commercial aircraft biofuel flight demonstrations and fuel cell APU programs at Boeing.  Dave has sponsored many research programs, summer internships and capstone projects with the UW’s ME department, and other universities, in these areas.  Phonon currently employs 4 interns, and also has about a dozen sr. engineers and business managers who volunteer their time to bootstrap this company’s rise. 
A part time opening is currently available for an intern who will initially be responsible for the development of a data acquisition system that will be used in a laboratory demonstration of a prototype LENR heat reactor.  The task will involve: (1) review and understand the intended test rig and test program, (2) generate a Process/Instrumentation Diagram (PID) for the test setup, (3) review, record and validate current instrumentation already on hand, (4) check out the existing National Instruments 1062Q PXI DAQ system and install new A/D boards, (5) install NI DAQ software and write code to acquire test data for parameters outlined in the PID, (6) build up the DAQ system, flat screen, power supplies, signal conditioners, controls, and other instrumentation into our 19” rack, (7) oversee the installation of the DAQ into our LENR test rig and help with commissioning the unit for the first test in early 2015.  Experience with designing or handling lasers will be an added plus.
The Phonon team believes that the benefits of LENR to humanity are profound and that our innovative pathway to enable weak-force technology will ultimately result in an energy breakthrough.  
Interested students should contact David Daggett directly at

Foreign Affairs Fellowships: Thomas Pickering Graduate, and Charles Rangel Graduate international Affairs Program

Information Session:   Foreign Affairs Fellowships - Pickering Graduate Fellowship and  Rangel Graduate international Affairs Program
Thursday, December 4, 2014, 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm
171 Mary Gates Hall, Conference Room 171R

If the academic program you are currently pursuing is relevant to international affairs, political and economic analysis, administration, management, and science policy, you may want to take time to learn about Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship and the Rangel Graduate International Affairs Program. 

These Foreign Service Fellowship Programs provides funding to participants as they are prepared academically and professionally to enter the United States Department of State Foreign Service.  Selected fellows will receive support for graduate school and will enter into one
of the most exciting and rewarding careers available.   They seek highly motivated and academically excellent college graduating seniors or college graduates who have an interest in pursuing a Foreign Service career in the U.S. Department of State.

National Application Deadlines:
                Rangel International Affairs Program – Wednesday, January 14, 2015 (Applicant and Recommenders’ Letters)
                Pickering Fellowship – Friday, January 16, 2015 (Applicant); Friday, January 23, 2015 (Recommenders’ Letters)

If you have questions, please contact Mona Pitre-Collins,  in the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards.

2015-16 International Research or Study Fellowships--accepting applications

Funded by the Chester Fritz and Boeing International endowments

For 2015-16 the Graduate School will award Chester Fritz and Boeing International one-quarter fellowships to support international study or research abroad by UW graduate students. These grants are available to fund research and/or study periods of three months, corresponding to regular UW quarter dates.  During the quarter of their award, fellows are required to register for study abroad through the Office of International Programs and Exchanges. The IPE fee is covered by the fellowship. Graduate students in fee-based programs are not eligible to apply. No extra money is included for airfare.
These fellowships are available to fund research and/or study periods of one quarter (three full months) abroad during the 2015-16 year (autumn 2015 through summer 2016). These awards DO NOT support faculty-led UW study abroad programs.
In allocating these awards, priority will be given to applications that address the following:
·         Clear statement of the research and/or study that will be done on the fellowship;
·         evidence of the relationship between the proposed study/research and the applicant's academic program;
·         evidence of the necessity to go overseas to conduct the study/research and the relevance of the university or locale to the planned research (including evidence of affiliation, if required or appropriate, to carry out the proposed project); and
·         evidence of appropriate language competence.
Students who have already received a Graduate School Pembroke Award, a Graduate School Fritz or Boeing Fellowship, or Western Europe Travel Grant are ineligible to receive this fellowship.
For more information and the application form, please go to:
Questions can be directed to Michelle Drapek in the Graduate School Office of Fellowships and Awards:, 206.543,7152.

QFCF Certificate and MS-CFRM Info Session this Friday at 4PM

Monday, December 1, 2014

Invitation to DARPA Event/Exercise

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will be sponsoring the first DARPA Combinator, an exercise to be held on the campus of the University of Washington, from Dec. 12-16, 2014, with $10,000 in awards.

A select group of approximately 30 participants will include faculty and students from a variety of both technical and non-technical disciplines, invited external experts, entrepreneurs, and other participants from industry and national labs, from which 6 to 8 interdisciplinary teams will be formed.

The exercise will start with a dinner workshop on Dec. 12, where the teams will be presented with 22 specific technologies developed through DARPA-funded research, and challenged to develop innovative and novel ideas for new products and businesses utilizing two or more of these technologies.  The ideas will be developed over the following three days of collaborative work, and the exercise will wrap up with team presentations, lunch and awards on Dec. 16. A panel of judges will select the top three teams, who will be awarded $5,000, $3,000, and $2,000 respectively for their work.  The exercise will help DARPA evaluate the effectiveness of a new mechanism for increasing the awareness, uptake, and commercialization rate of US Government-funded research results.  Assume you will spend at least 20 hours over the course of the exercise.

More details of the exercise are provided below. If you are interestred in participating, please apply by 5 pm Thursday Dec. 4, at

DARPA Combinator Workshop
Dec. 12-16, 2014
University of Washington

Every year, the US Government sponsors a large amount of research on a wide variety of topics.  Much of this research output is effectively abandoned after the primary research contracts expire.  This is for a number of well-known reasons; for example, the specific research itself fails to develop in a promising way, the sponsoring organization loses interest in the research topic, key research personnel move on or become unavailable, the overall research setting and sponsor priorities shift, and so on.  It is noteworthy that many of these reasons are not because the research itself was inadequate or a failure, but are the result of changes in the surrounding context in which the research was carried out. The mechanism by which sponsored research results can be picked up again in a new research contract or a commercialization attempt is fairly inefficient, as it typically relies on interested organizations to find out about the prior research.  The current system for discovering prior results of Government-sponsored research is based on a group of Government web sites and occasional conferences.

DARPA would like to evaluate the effectiveness of a new mechanism for increasing the overall awareness, uptake, and eventual commercialization of US Government-funded research results.  This mechanism is patterned after the successful ideation exercises that occur in the world of technology startup companies.  We refer to this mechanism as a Technology Ideation Exercise (TIE). A TIE is structured around a pair of half-day workshops, spaced several days apart, in which challenge participants to create novel commercial ideas via novel combinations of actual government-developed technical results. The TIE is designed to involve ideation and learning only, with no expectation of the TIE participants actually licensing the technology, creating a prototype, or starting a commercial endeavor. Consequently, the TIE participants will be directed to assume that the technology works and is performant, can be integrated with other needed technologies within a reasonable amount of time, and can be licensed from the IP owner on reasonable terms.

Given this, in the proposed TIE:

* The technology descriptions will be derived from final reports from SBIR Phase I awards.

* The initial half-day dinner workshop on Dec. 12 will involve:

o An introduction for the participants to the goals and structure of the TIE

o Briefings on the individual TIE technologies

o Briefing on the functions of coordination website

o Question and Answer period

o Networking and social time

* The concluding half-day workshop on Dec. 16 will involve:

o Presentations by each team to a panel of evaluators on their business idea(s) for combinations of the TIE technologies

o After a deliberation period, announcement of the best ideas in the judgment of the evaluation panel

o Networking and social time

TI Innovation Challenge Now Open

The TI Innovation Challenge North America Design Contest 2015 in sponsorship with Mouser is now open to undergraduate and graduate students attending universities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada. To compete, students must use 2 or more TI analog ICs and a TI Processor in their student design project. Remind them to register early to get a head start on their design project with free tools and design support.

Enter Today TI University Program

Academic Careers--Interviews & Job Talks Workshops

Academic Careers - Interviews
Wed, 12/3
Savery 264
Hopefully the effort you put forth in creating your faculty application materials will earn you some interviews.  Interviewing skills are essential if you want to land a faculty job.  Academic interviews are different than other types of interviews.  Come learn about faculty interviewing basics, tips for handling different types of interview scenarios, and suggestions for interview follow-up.  No registration required.

Academic Careers - Job Talks
Thurs, 12/4
Savery 264
The job talk, also known as the research presentation, is a very important part of the faculty interviewing process.  Advanced preparation is a must to avoid unnecessary scrambling after you're invited to interview.  Come learn the what, why, who, and how of effective job talks.  No registration required.

Environmental Innovation Challenge - - $45K Prototype Funding Application DUE Dec 14!

$45K Prototype Funding - Deadline 12/14/14 - Apply Here

Student teams are invited to apply for funding to build prototypes for the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. Funds can be used to purchase materials, safety gear, rent equipment, or hire work beyond the team’s capacity.

About the Environmental Innovation Challenge
Innovative engineers, scientist and entrepreneurial students are solving the world’s environmental problems. If you have a passion for innovation and sustainability and the desire to make an im­pact, this Challenge is for you. In the EIC, interdisciplinary student teams define an en­vironmental problem, design a solution, produce a prototype, and create a business summary that demonstrates the market potential of their product, process, or service.

What’s Eligible?

Any product, process or service that reduces waste, minimizes en­ergy consumption, and contributes to a healthier planet. Re-use, recycling, water usage, energy generation, green consumer prod­ucts, and nanotechnology - all are ripe for innovation.

The Rules:
·         Teams that receive funding agree to participate in the EIC on April 2, 2015.  If you drop out, all funds must be returned to The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship.
·         The prototype applicant must be from a Washington State school however teams may consist of students from multiple schools in the Pacific NW. Looking for a team or teammates? Do you have specific skills/or looking for specific skills? Post  on the Team Formation page:

Next Up:  Early Team Registration - January 24-February 1

Learn More:
Visit or

High Tech Job Opportunity for EE Grad Students

I am working with the State of Washington and Guardian Interlock Company in prototyping a device that can detect alcohol through a discrete biometric fingerprint system, and seeking to outsource the design to capable engineer(s).
The technology exists but needs to be customized to an automobile steering wheel, be discrete, tamper proof, and function with minimal error in instantaneously detecting alcohol.   
Seeking a senior engineer, alumni or graduate student to build a prototype virtually and then physically.
The project would fall under independent contracting and compensation includes part ownership of technology license, which includes quarterly royalties ranging from $100-$300K per year for the person(s) successful in prototyping this device.
More information upon interview.
1. Electrical Engineer senior, graduate student, or alumni able to work with NI Multisim, or related programs. 
2. Proven experience in related technological projects.
3. Able to work well with people.
3. Technical Problem solving experience in related projects.

The ideal candidate would commit-part to designing and building a prototype by:
Choosing the proper sensor(s) in line with State of Washington legislation requirements.
Creating a design concept.
Prototyping the device digitally using NI Multisim or related programs
Creating a working prototype in preparation for device design. 

Email your resume to