Friday, September 12, 2014

Great new iSchool course for students!

INFO 102 - Women in Technology
  • Instructor: Laura Schildkraut
  • 5 credits, standard grading
  • Monday/Wednesday; 1:30-3:20 p.m.
  • Lab: Monday; 3:30-4:20 p.m.
This course will expose students to the Information Technology (IT) field and its opportunities for women across a wide range of industries and roles. It will help bring a necessary diversity into IT classes and jobs.
IT jobs are not only found in technical companies like Microsoft and Google. They are also found in industries such as Health Care, Environment, Entertainment and Fashion. Many mobile applications, social media, search technology, and electronic games are designed, developed and promoted by people in the IT field.
In addition to showcasing the range of industries, projects and roles in IT, course readings and multimedia screenings will focus on the history of women in IT, differences based on being from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and on the ongoing barriers and opportunities for women entering IT fields today.
During the required labs, students will learn a range of skills to begin their exploration into the IT field, and to develop confidence about their ability to master these skills. The culminating element of this course will be real-world IT team projects that will be selected based on student recommendations and interest.
Restr  22346 A  5       MW     130-320    MGH  234      SCHILDKRAUT,LAURA B.       Open     12/  35                %     
                        M      330-420    MGH  030      SCHILDKRAUT,LAURA B.

On campus service-learning opportunity for Juniors & Seniors

Be A Tutor-Mentor: EDUC 401 L & M

UW's Academic Support Program is offering a service-learning seminar titled “EDUC 401: Tutoring and Mentorship in Higher Education” in Fall Quarter 2014. This weekly seminar introduces juniors and seniors to tutoring, mentoring, and teaching methodologies. Students apply what they learn in class through tutoring and mentoring new transfer, freshman, and sophomore students who are transitioning socially, culturally, and academically to the UW. This is a great opportunity for seasoned students to give back to UW by sharing their knowledge and experience.
  • Seminar begins 2nd  week of Fall Quarter,  September 29th, 2014 
  • Seminar meets on Mondays from 3:30-4:50 PM or from 6:00-7:20 PM 
  • Tutoring takes place on campus
  • Receive 2 credits for working with one student, or receive 3 credits for working with two students
  • A letter of recommendation will be available upon request after completion of the seminar

For more information, visit our website at:

For registration information, please contact Leslie Ikeda at:

SACNAS Welcome BBQ Invitation

SACNAS is a society of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of  Hispanic/Chicano and Native American scientists—from college students to professionals—to attain advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in science.
The full acronym stands for Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science.

Reminder: You're invited to our first UW SACNAS Event of the 2014-2015 school year! Please forward this email to all relevant listserves for STEM undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs.

Thursday, September 25th 5:30-8:30 PM
Location: Patio/Grass Area between Foege N and S (Genome Sci & BioE buildings in South campus)

Come catch up with old friends, meet new people and enjoy someFREE BBQ
All new and continuing UW STEM undergrads and grad students are welcome!

-- UW SACNAS Chapter
If you would like to join our mailing list, please email us at

UW SACNAS Chapter website =
Facebook or Twitter "UW SACNAS"
Chapter Blog ""
National SACNAS website =

Register Now! Environmental Innovation Practicum ENTRE 443/543, ENGR 498, ENVIR 495

ENTRE 443/543, ENGR 498, ENVIR 495
Fall Quarter, Tuesdays 4-5:50 pm, Paccar Hall 292
Instructor:  Deb Hagen-Lukens
Prerequisites:  None. Recommended for juniors and above, including grad students.
For a list of speakers and topic click here!

Discover the universe of cleantech solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges and raise awareness of how you can be part of the solution.  You’ll form cross-disciplined teams around problems you identify, and present your solutions to the class.  Although not required, teams are invited to compete in the newly named Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge April 2, 2015.

The seminar consists of a selection of required readings and a series of industry experts who will speak on a specific cleantech topic. You will work in teams to present a proposed solution to an environmental problem. The final deliverable for the class is a 5-10 minute presentation.

Course topics include:
·         Environmental challenges and opportunities linked to cleantech.
  • How to translate an idea into an actual device/product/company. 
  • Market assessment (who would be the customer for this product or service?)

Employment Opportunities for Japanese Speaking Students [Disco Corporation, October 8 - 11 @West Coast]

                 Looking for a job opportunity in Japan? 
             DISCO Corporation ■ Info Session and Interview 

                Wednesday, Oct 8, 5:30pm~7:30pm @UCB
                 Thursday, Oct 9, 5:30pm~7:30pm @SFSU
                  Friday, Oct 10, 4:30pm~6:30pm @UCSD
              Saturday, Oct 11, 10:30am~12:30am @UCLA
   Saturday, Oct 11, 7:00pm~9:00pm @University of Washington

※You can make an appointment for the interview after attending the info session. 
   The interview will be scheduled in the next week. 
Disco Corporation is dedicated to "Kiru, Kezuru, Migaku" -Cutting, Grining, and Polishing- technologies. 
The company develops, manufactures, and sells precision machines and precision processing tools. 
We invite you to come to the information session to discover Disco, 
and explore your possibilities to develop your career in Japan! 

■What kind of company is DISCO?

■Corporate Profile Movie -English version-
This 15 minute video provides an insight into DISCO's R&D facilities, 
cutting edge processes and business continuity management initiatives.

FLAS Fellowships for undergraduate, graduate and professional students

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) available to undergraduate, graduate and professional students 
FLAS fellowships award tuition and a living stipend as follows: 
  Academic Year Graduate:                  $18,000 tuition, $15,000 living stipend 
   Academic Year Undergraduate:         $10,000 tuition, $5,000 living stipend
   Summer Graduate/Undergraduate:        $5,000 tuition, $2,500 living stipend
The FLAS Fellowship is available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.  FLAS Fellowships support study of the following languages and their world regions:
 -Arabic –Bangla -Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian –Bulgarian –Burmese -Canadian First Nations –Chinese –Czech –Danish -Estonian -Filipino/Tagalog –Finnish –French –German –Hebrew –Hindi -Indonesian/Malay –Italian –Japanese –Kazakh –Khmer –Korean –Latvian –Lithuanian –Norwegian –Persian –Polish –Portuguese –Russian –Slovenian –Spanish –Swahili –Swedish –Tajik –Thai –Turkish –Uighur –Urdu –Uzbek –Vietnamese
 FLAS Information Sessions, covering FLAS benefits and requirements, the application process, and the use of FLAS awards abroad, will be held at the following dates and times: 
Thomson 317: T Oct 29, 3:30-4:30/ Wed Nov 6, 2:30-3:30/ T Nov 26, 2:30-3:30
Applications due January 30, 2015.  Questions: email
For more information, visit 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall EEIC Scholarships in Energy

The energy industry has established scholarships for students who are interested in the energy area. We have several scholarships funded by the Electric Energy Industry Program and Grainger foundation. The stipend for each scholarship is  $2000/quarter. The application for fall Quarter is open until 5:00PM on October 15.

To know more about the EEIC, please click here

To know more about Grainger, please click here

To apply for any of these scholarships, please click here

The deadline for application is 5:00PM on October 15.

Electrical Project Engineer with McKinstry Construction

RISING JUNIORS - Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunity through NOAA

The NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions Undergraduate Scholarship Program is accepting applications.  Program encourages advisers, mentors, and potential applicants to take advantage of the NOAA resources made available in this message.  Competitive applications: (i) address the NOAA mission; (ii) have resume and personal statements that are crafted to be relevant to the NOAA mission, and (iii) have recommendations that are well developed and made relevant to the NOAA mission.
What:  Provides scholarships for two years of undergraduate study. 
Who:  Rising junior undergraduate students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields that directly support NOAA's mission. 
The Program:
Students receive total awards valued at up to $35,000 in total support during their junior and senior years. 
Students complete a nine week paid summer internship at NOAA in Silver Spring, MD, between May and July of the first summer. During the second summer, students complete paid internships at NOAA facilities across the country. During the summer internships, students are paid a stipend and receive a housing allowance. 
Student scholarship recipients attend a two-week orientation at NOAA in Silver Spring, MD, and begin their first summer internship in early June.
At the end of both summer internships, students present the results of their projects at an education and science symposium in Silver Spring, MD (travel expenses paid).
Undergraduate Scholarship Application Link:
Learn more about NOAA,    
NOAA Goals,       

ESRM 320 Marketing and Management From a Sustainability* Perspective

ESRM 320
SLN 14453
TU/TH 4:30-6:50 PM
ABOUT 320...
For-profit companies and non-profit organizations use marketing and human resources to create and deliver products, services, and ideas. This course explores: 1) business practices that are aligned with environmental stewardship and social responsibility standards; 2) the concepts and models of a market orientation; 3) how markets are researched and targeted, and products positioned, to meet consumer needs; 4) creating and pricing products, developing distribution channels, and implementing promotion campaigns; 5) managerial and leadership skills and styles; 6) how companies motivate employees and develop human capital; and 7) methods for recruiting, selecting, training, and evaluating employees.
* What does sustainability mean, and how is it manifested in business?
Various definitions of sustainability have been used, but all share a common understanding that sustainability refers to integrating environmental, social responsibility, and financial/economic elements in order to meet the needs of people today without compromising Earth’s capacity to provide for future generations. Said another way, practicing sustainability involves balancing the three Ps: planet, people, and profits.

Preparing for Graduate School - GRDSCH 200, Autumn 2014 (SLN# 15355)

The Graduate School offers an excellent class for students interested in exploring graduate study in more detail:  GRDSCH 200, Preparing for Graduate Education.

This course is perfect for graduating seniors who know they are applying to graduate school this fall/winter.  It will set them up to fully understand the application process, work on their statements well before deadlines hit, consider funding issues, and ultimately make decisions.  It is also great for the graduating senior  who is unsure of what graduate school entails and whether they should consider it in their future.  Especially if they are not sure of what they might end up doing when they graduate!  Juniors thinking ahead will also benefit from the class.  Included is discussion and work on preparing an effective application.

This is a 2-cr, CR/NC class, perfect to balance out an autumn quarter schedule!

PhD Preview at USC: Application now open for fall REACH

Greetings from the University of Southern California. We hope this letter finds you well.
The USC Viterbi School of Engineering is pleased to announce its bi-annual REACH event for prospective Ph.D. students on November 20-21, 2014.
REACH brings to the USC campus talented students from all over the U.S. and Canada who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in an engineering field. This event is particularly geared toward students from backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in the field of engineering: African-American, Latino and Native American. Travel expenses to and from Los Angeles, hotel lodging, and meals are subsidized by the Viterbi School.

Juniors with a background in engineering, applied mathematics or physical science are invited to apply to REACH. Exceptional seniors with a strong research background who have taken the GRE will also be considered. Selected participants will have the opportunity to:
·         Tour the USC campus and the engineering facilities
·         Meet with current students to learn about graduate student life
·         Attend faculty-hosted workshops on applying for a Ph.D. and funding opportunities
·         Gain valuable tools and resources to prepare for application to doctoral programs
Interested students can visit the REACH webpage for more information and to submit an application to attend the event. The deadline to apply is October 13, 2014. Please note: Applicants to the REACH program must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or Canadian citizens.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Undergraduate Research opportunity for Fall 2014

The SEAL Lab in Electrical Engineering is looking for undergraduates who are interested in learning about research and working on fun group projects to start in Fall 2014.

Our projects are mostly medical related and are in listed topics:

1.     EE related (requirements): 

a.    Embedded Systems:
i.     EE 271
ii.    EE 331
iii.    Programming Experience

b.    Control Systems: (we more than one position available)
i.  EE 235   
ii. EE 341

c.     Analog Systems:
i.     EE 332
ii.     EE 431

2.     CSE related:

a.    Computer Vision:
i.     CSE 455/457
ii.     Java, Python, C++
iii.     Open CV Computer Vision

b.    App Development:
i.     Java
ii.     C #

Some of the positions mentioned above could lead into a paid position for future quarters. 
If you are interested please contact (below) via email and include your most recent transcript.

Sep Makhsous

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellowship and Graduate Women's Scholarship Programs - Open for Application Tuesday August 12, 2014

The 2015 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Program  will start accepting applications Tuesday, August 12, 2014.  This program recognizes the best and the brightest Ph.D. students in the United States and Canada. Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time Ph.D. program in an accredited university in the US or Canada, with a research focus in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Electrical Engineering.  All applications will need to be submitted through the office of the department chair. The deadline for submission of applications is Tuesday, October 7, 2014, at 11:59 P.M., Pacific Time. For additional details of eligibility requirements and the application procedure, please see:

Microsoft Research is also accepting applications for the 2015 Microsoft Research Graduate Women's Scholarship Program.  Applicants must be full-time, female students, enrolled in their first year of graduate program with an accredited university, with a research focus in Computer Science, Information Science, Mathematics, or Electrical Engineering.  The deadline for submission of applications is Friday, October 17, 2014, at 11:59 P.M., Pacific Time. For qualifications and application procedures, please see:

Monday, September 8, 2014

Assistance for High School Robotics Team

My name is Katie and I support after school programs at Cleveland High School, which is a STEM school. We have a well-established Robotics team at Cleveland, but we need some support with it. I'm reaching out with the hope that there's a student at UW who knows about Robotics and who would be willing to assist with this after school program.

The commitment would be 1 or 2 days a week (the days haven't been decided yet) from 2:20 - 4:00ish. There is an opportunity for this student to be paid as well. There is a lead teacher who oversees the program, and this student would be supporting the teacher and the club.

Student should contact me if they are interested--reaching me at this email is best.

LISA14 Conference Registration and Student Grant Applications

Calling all students!

LISA14 grant applications are due by October 13, 2014.
Apply at:

Guidelines and hints for can be found at:

Register online for LISA14 at:

LISA14 will take place November 9-14, 2014, in Seattle, WA. The LISA
conference has long served as the annual vendor-neutral meeting place
for the wider system administration community. The LISA14 program
recognizes the overlap and differences between traditional and modern IT
operations and engineering, and has developed a highly-curated program
around 5 key topics: Systems Engineering, Security, Culture, DevOps, and

The 6-day program includes:

* 22 half- and full-day Training Sessions, all geared towards helping
you create, maintain, and monitor efficient and secure networks.
* 10 Workshops, where you'll interact with fellow attendees in moderated
and highly participatory sessions.
* Over 50 Invited Talks, Panels, Refereed Paper Presentations, and
Mini-Tutorials (NEW!), all included in the Conference Program, which
cover all aspects of IT operations and engineering.
* Interactive sessions, such as LISA Lab, LISA Build (NEW!), Poster
Sessions, Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions, the "hallway" track, and the
Vendor Expo.

Check out the:
Conference Program:
Training Program:
Workshop Program:

Register by October 20 and take advantage of the early bird pricing.

Need more convincing? Check out the "LISA 2014 OMG" and "LISA14: More
craft, less cruft" blog posts!

Planning to stay in the conference hotel? Rooms will go fast. Book your
room today.

November 9-14, 2014
Seattle, WA

Connect With Other Attendees:
Twitter: #lisa14

September 30th: After College EE Student Scholarship Deadline

Apply for AfterCollege Scholarships
This quarter's deadline to apply for AfterCollege scholarships is
Tuesday, September 30th
NSA Electrical Engineering Student Scholarship

$500 - Open to currently enrolled students pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. Must be a U.S. citizen. Minimum 3.0 GPA.

Apply Online
AfterCollege Engineering Student Scholarship

$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree in any field of engineering. Minimum 3.0 GPA.

Apply Online
STEM Inclusion Scholarship

$1,000 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics from a group underrepresented in their field of study.

Underrepresented groups may be defined by: gender, race, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, nationality and other non-visible differences. Minimum 3.0 GPA.

Apply Online
How to Apply About AfterCollege
Please Download Images - Step 1 Read instructions completely
Please Download Images - Step 2 Click blue "Apply" button
Please Download Images - Step 3 Complete your AfterCollege profile
AfterCollege is an entry-level job and internship resource started by Stanford students in 1999.  We match students with opportunities based on school, major and graduation date. Tell us whether or not these positions interest you (and why), and we'll show you results that better reflect your preferences.

Groups at Hall Health - DBT Skills; LGBTQ & Questioning; Mindfulness for Anxiety; Mindfulness for Beginners; Procrastination/Perfectionism; Free Relapse Prevention

Hall Health Mental Health

Fall Quarter Groups 2014

1.    Procrastination/Perfectionism Group: Two Sections - Wednesdays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. and Fridays from 10:00 am to noon.  Ongoing.  There are openings for both groups.  This is group for folks who struggle with procrastinating and being perfectionist.  Learn how to be less anxious about being anxious, which includes seeing clearly that there is no need to avoid experiencing anxiety.  Facilitator: Ricardo Hidalgo, LMHC. Info at: 206-543-5030, option #4 or via email at .

2.    Beginning Mindfulness Meditation: Three sections – Wednesdays 8:30 to 10:00 and 4:00 to 5:30 starting October 15, 2014; and Thursdays 10:00 to 11:30 am starting October 16, 2014.  Eight weeks.  Mindfulness meditation is a practice that involves cultivating attention to the present moment in a nonjudgmental manner. The benefits of mindfulness meditation have been widely studied and include alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety, increasing capacity for attention and concentration, improving self-esteem, enhancing resilience to stress.  No prior knowledge or experience is required. Participants will be provided with materials, instruction and support for building and sustaining a meditation practice.  To enroll contact the Mental Health Clinic at (206) 543-5030 option #4.  For questions e-mail or phone the group facilitator, Meghann Gerber, Psy.D.: (206) 221-7941;

3.    Mindfulness Meditation Follow-up Group: Thursdays from noon  to 1:00 pm.  Starting September 25, 2014.  Ongoing.  For those who are already familiar with mindfulness meditation and want to continue in an open, ongoing, weekly group.  An 8-week commitment is recommended.  Facilitated by Meghann Gerber, PsyD. Contact Meghann at 206-543-5030 option #4. 
4.     A Mindful Approach to Anxiety: Tuesdays 2:00 to 3:30 pm.  Starting October 14, 2014.  Eight weeks.  Explore common signs of anxiety and learn how to approach the anxiety in your life and situations you tend to avoid.  If you are interested in learning more about the group, please contact co-facilitators Carey DeMartini, at, or Chia-Wen Moon at
5.    Overcoming Social Challenges: Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:30 pm.  Starting October 15, 2014.  If you're interested in the group or have questions, please contact one of the co-facilitators: Treg Isaacson, MA (221-7983) or Meghann Gerber, Psy.D.: (206) 221-7941.
6. FREE Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention Group: Thursdays 3:00 to 4:30 pm.  Starting October 216, 2014. This is a University of Washington, evidence-based treatment that has been shown to be helpful for individuals who are currently in recovery for addictive behaviors.  If you're interested in the group or have questions, please contact the group co-facilitators, Ryli Webster, MSW, LICSW, at or Carey DeMartini, at or call 206-543-5030, option #4.
7.  DBT Skills Group: (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group).  Mondays from 1:30-3:00 pm. Starting Monday, October 13, 2014. Ten weeks. Learn how to increase self-awareness, build relationship skills, manage crisis situations, and better control your emotions. Open to clients referred by their Hall Health Mental Health Clinic providers. Co-facilitated by Treg Isaacson, MA (221-7983) and Chia-Wen Moon, LMHC (543-3213).

Cost of all groups: $57 per session ($40 No Show Fee without 24 hour notice). Insurance may cover fees, please check with your insurance carrier.
Where: Mental Health Clinic, Hall Health Center, 3rd Floor.
Register, get information, or ask questions at 206-543-5030, option #4 for any and all groups.
Go to for more information about our groups.

Student Research Opportunities for EEs in Aeronautics & Astronautics

The Autonomous Flight Systems Laboratory (AFSL) in the William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics is holding an information meeting to inform students about upcoming research opportunities in the area of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).  For more information, please see that attached flyer.

What:                   UAS Student Research Opportunity Meeting
Who:                     Any UW student (both undergraduate and graduate)
When:                  Sept. 25, 2014, 1:30 – 2:30pm
Where:                 Guggenheim 305
Why:                     Learn more about UAS activities/opportunities in the AA department

The three major programs that will be covered at this meeting are:

1.  Design/Build/Fly
-Students design, fabricate, and demonstrate flight capabilities of an unmanned, radio controlled aircraft.
-Students compete in an international fly-off in the spring.

2.  UW Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)
-The AFSL is building a UAS for flight test and research purposes
-We are focused on building, instrumenting, and creating subsystems for a custom UAS
-Student will work with hardware such as the ArduPilot Mega 2.6, real-time video telemetry, and automatic image processing.

3.  GPS-Denied Navigation
-This project involves creating algorithms and systems to help UAS navigate in GPS-denied environments.
-Some research questions include: Can a system use alternative sensors (such as vision, INS, etc.) to navigate without GPS.
-Students will interact with UAS companies such as Insitu and Hood Technology