Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wireless Modem ASIC Systems Engineer at Qualcomm

Job Function
We are a team of dedicated engineering professionals, driven to produce the best wireless WAN modem solutions and technologies in the world. Our products can be found in many models of high-end smart phones from top tier OEMs, as well as in many feature phones and data modules. We pride ourselves on our cutting edge modem features and overall solutions. We provide many exciting opportunities not available at any other companies in our industry.

Our group is tight-knit, energetic and friendly. We believe in each individual members creativity and potential, best unleashed with a sense of ownership and autonomy. Members of our team are constantly challenged with and exposed to opportunities that will stretch their capabilities and push them to new levels.

As part of Qualcomm, the biggest fabless semi-conductor company in the world, and a company consistently ranked near the top of Fortunes list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, we offer excellent benefits and competitive packages. Most of our engineers get their own offices, one of many ways in which we try to create an excellent work environment.

We look for both fresh graduates and experienced candidates to add to our group. If you are searching for an opportunity to work with the best team in the industry, on the best products of the industry, look no further.
Successful candidates will be asked to perform systems engineering functions for our modem products. Responsibilities may include:
- Partitioning of functionalities among different implementation layers such as hardware (HW), DSP, and software (SW)
- Providing specification for HW, DSP, and SW
- Simulation of communications systems and modules
- Design and refinement of physical layer algorithms including their fixed-point implementation
- Support of verification and validation of HW, DSP and SW
- Enhancement of modem performance and participation in competitive analysis
- Trouble shooting and field proof of modem features and operations
- Design of new system-level features which may necessitate interactions with other companies in the eco system
- Advancing 3G and 4G WAN technologies and QTIs positions with these technologies
- Frequent interaction with hardware, DSP, SW engineering teams, as well as product, marketing, and customer engineering teams may be required

Applicants must have experience in one, or more, of the following areas:
- Expertise in communication theory, signal processing, error correcting codes, information theory, probability and random processes.
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
- Ability to program effectively in C/C++ and Matlab.
- Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
- Experience with wireless standards (i.e. GSM/WCDMA/IS-95/IS-2000/1xEVDO/LTE/Wifi).
- Occasional travel to domestic and international locations may be required.
- Expertise on integrated circuit design, microprocessor architecture, embedded software, or data network protocols would be considered a plus.
Additional search key words: digital communications, signal processing, CDMA, architect, physical layer, PHY, MAC, information theory, DSP, cellular communication, WAN, communication, mobile, wireless, M2M

3G, 4G, LTE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, HSPA+, GSM, WCDMA, IS-95, 1xEVDO, Wifi, modem, systems

Educational Requirements
 Required: Master's, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience
Preferred: Doctorate, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get a scholarship to go to Facebook Headquarters and get a LGBTQ friendly internship!!

Facebook started a conference last year called the Out for Undergraduate Technology Conference dealing with LGBTQ peoples and the tech industry. The goal of the conference is to bring attention to applications for LGBTQ friendly tech internships, build a community of LGBTQ students in the tech industry, and communicate how to come out in a resume/job interview.
The conference is happening again this year on February 2nd and 3rd and Facebook is making travel & lodging scholarships available. Registering for the conference along with sending the application for the conference in is 50 dollars, the 50 dollars is refundable if they do not accept you to the conference and the bill goes to the billing address “Business conference” if there is a concern in the representation of where this 50 dollars is going. The conference organizers are looking for a larger representation of Pacific Northwest students (according to an email) and have accepted engineering students and even English majors, as long as a communication of how what you are doing relates to technology is in the conference's application.

Application is very short and is due December 30th 2012. Find the application here:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Position with Seattle City Light

Seattle City Light has a great opportunity for a new Electrical Engineering graduate.  The posting can be found at  by 12/26/12.

Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 AFIT Summer Internship Program

SOCHE's Summer Internship Program provides opportunities for engineering and science students to gain valuable experience working at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) through the Graduate School of Engineering & Management.  AFIT is located on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio and has a long history of graduate research and education.

The SOCHE Summer Internship Program hosts students from higher education institutions throughout the United States and provides students an opportunity to develop scientific and engineering skills and competence through participation in cutting-edge research projects in a graduate educational environment. This experience also provides a "head start" for students that pursue a MS or Ph.D. at AFIT in the future.

Must be a U.S. citizen to apply.

The application deadline is February 8, 2013.

Internship opportunities are available to science and engineering students in the following disciplines or related areas:



Aeronautical Computer Science
Astronautical Materials Science
Electrical & Computer Mathematics
Mechanical Operations Research
Nuclear Physics

*Recent science and engineering graduates beginning graduate studies in fall 2013 are encouraged to apply.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advanced Surface Analysis course info

I'm writing to make you aware of two courses we offer that may be of interest to your students:
BIOEN 492 Surface Analysis, taught in the spring by Buddy Ratner
BIOEN 493, Advanced Surface Analysis, taught in the winter by Dave Castner.
Please note that there are graduate versions of both courses (592/593).

(If the scheduling sounds backwards: right! A student who wants to do both should take 492 spring junior year, then 493 winter of senior year. Don't think I haven't tried to change the schedule... :) )

The syllabus for BIOEN 492 is at Students who believe that they have covered that material in other classes should contact Dr. Castner directly to enroll in BIOEN 493 this winter.

New Public Service Opportunities Blog!

The Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center is pleased to present the new(ish) Public Service Opportunities Blog!

The Public Service Opportunities Blog provides University of Washington students with a unified place to find VOLUNTEER, INTERNSHIP, AND PUBLIC SERVICE JOB OPPORTUNITIES.

Find a wide variety of Public Service-focused opportunities and events posted by on- and off-campus organizations all in one place for quick and easy reference. You can sign-up to receive email updates, or just add the blog to your bookmarks and check back whenever you want to find an opportunity to serve.

On this Blog you will find:

  • Volunteer position postings by Non-profit organizations around King County
  • Public Service-focused Internship position postings
  • Public Service-focused Job postings
  • Links to Service-Learning courses offered at the UW
  • Links to service programs offered at the UW
Please take a moment to check it out!

Your friends at the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

*These opportunities do NOT include Service-Learning positions coordinated by the Carlson Center. To find a listing of Winter Quarter Service-Learning courses, please visit the Carlson Center's website:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Student Opportunity: The 2013 International Capstone Design Contest on Renewable Energy Technology

January 23- 24, 2013, Hotel Hyundai Mokpo, Korea

Challenge CORE 2013
The 2013 International Capstone Design Contest on Renewable Energy Technology (CORE 2013) will be held on 23 to 24 January in Mokpo, Korea which is organized by the Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation (LINC), Mokpo National University, Korea. This is the 2nd CORE that began in Mokpo in February, 2012. CORE has inspired undergraduate students with creativity, integrity and team works. Consequently, the objective of CORE is to provide students an opportunity to exchange the state-of the art energy information, strengthen the social networks and display innovative ideas, research results and practical experiences in renewable energy technology field. We would invite students to submit a high quality proposal for reviews and explore beautiful Mokpo in Korea.

CORE 2013 Scope
We solicit proposals with creative notion and feasible applications in the renewable energy technology. Topics within the scope of the CORE include the following areas, but not limited to:
Solar energy
Tidal power
Ocean energy
Wind power

Proposal Submission
Prospective students are invited to submit a two pages length proposal no later than December 21, 2012. Complete the attached proposal form and return it to Ms. Hyangmi Kim, The CORE Organizers will review the contributed proposal and notify students of review results on December 27, 2012. English will be used for all presentations and materials. Poster sample will be provided later. For more inquiries, contact Ms. Hyangmi Kim,

Benefit of Accepted Proposals
The CORE Organizers will support a round trip air ticket and hotel accommodations to a student with the accepted proposal. In case more than one proposal is selected out of the university of the student, we will provide the same supports to its supervisor as well.

Evaluation and Capstone Winner
Students of accepted proposals will bring in prototypes and posters including a brief outline. They will make a presentation of their works in front of referees from academics and industries. The review committee will evaluate their works in creativity and innovation, relevance of renewal energy, utility and feasibility, and communication skills (e.g. presentation and materials preparation). A winner of best capstone design will be awarded a gift and a certificate.

CORE 2013 Secretariat
For foreign students, contact below;                                          For Korean students, contact below;
Ms. Hyangmi Kim                                                                               Ms. Eunju Park
Phone: +82 2 717-3280                                                     Phone: +82 61 450 6408
Email:                                   Email:

For more information, please contact Kyoungho Choi,, a Visiting Professor at UWEE.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scholarship: Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

The Washington Opportunity Scholarship increased its funding available for College juniors and seniors in high-demand fields such as engineering.  Freshmen and sophomores are also eligible to apply for this award.  The application opens January 7:
The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship helps low- and middle-income Washington State residents earn first bachelor’s degrees.  Over 700 scholarships will be awarded to new students who will be college freshmen, sophomores or juniors in the 2013-14 academic year.  These students will receive $1,000 renewable scholarship each year to help in their pursuit of four-year degrees in the following eligible high demand programs of study: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) or Health Care. 
When students have completed enough credits to reach junior class standing (at least 90) and have submitted verification that they have been admitted into an approved high demand major as determined for 2013-14, their scholarship will be increased to $5000.
The application for the 2013-2014 academic year will be available on January 7, 2013. Complete application eligibility and timeline will be posted as soon as it is known.  However, the minimum eligibility criteria to apply as stated in the legislation governing this program are:  
  • Student must receive (or have received) a high school diploma or GED from a Washington high school or institution
  • Student must be a Washington state resident (as defined in RCW 28B.15.012)
  • Student must show intent of completing a bachelor’s degree from an eligible Washington State college or university
  • Student may first enroll at a community or technical college before later transferring to a four-year college or university
  • Student must enroll each year in an eligible high employer demand program of study. Eligible programs of study are approved each year by the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Board of Directors.
  • Student must submit each year the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the application deadline
  • Student’s family income must be less than or equal to 125% of Washington state median family income (e.g. for the 2012-13 application, the family income for a student with a family size of 4 had to be $102,200 or less to apply. – a new  chart with income and family sizes will be available when the 2013-14 program is available)

Electrical Engineering Career Fair and HKN Poker Night

Our first annual Electrical Engineering Career Fair will take place on Wednesday, January 23rd 2013, from 3-5PM in HUB 145. Companies attending include:

PHYTEC America
U.S. Navy

Following at 6 PM in the UW Club Main Dining Room will be the 5th Annual HKN Poker Night. This is a fun, interactive event which providesstudents a chance to chat with industry representatives about your goals and interests in a lively, social atmosphere. Prior to the beginning of the event, food and beverages are provided, giving company representatives a chance to interact with both students and EE faculty, who serve as our Poker “dealers.” Once the event starts, each person will receive the same amount of chips, and is seated at a table with a mix of students and employers. Every 15-30 minutes, we will ask the student players to rotate to another table, allowing everyone a chance to speak with a variety of companies from different specialties.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dream Project Writing Credit

Calling all STEM majors!
•         Are you looking for a writing credit class?
•         Are you looking to stand out on your resume for graduate school?
•         Are you looking to make an impact on someone’s life?
•         If you answer YES to any of the questions, then you should join the Dream Project.
The Dream Project is a UW course and a social outreach program where UW undergrads mentor first-generation and low-income students in King County high schools as they navigate the complex college admissions process.
Overview of class:
•                  2 credit lecture (EDUC 360)
•                  Writing Credit (optional)
•                  Weekly high school visit at one of 17 schools
•                  Visit times are spread out through the week
•                  Transportation time is included & transportation to the high school is provided
•                  Attend additional events throughout the quarter
Write two 1-page reflection papers
Take a look at our brochure and flyer for more information on the high school visit times.
It is not too late to sign up!  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Key Career Offerings for Students: (new) CAREER SUCCESS CERTIFICATE and NAVIGATING CAREER OPTIONS class!

CAREER SUCCESS CERTIFICATE: Get your EDGE in the competitive job market!

The UW Career Center has just rolled out its brand new Career Success Certificate program, offering undergraduate students a flexible yet structured plan for getting an edge in the job market.

Students who complete all requirements by mid-May will be eligible to participate in a special Employer Networking Event exclusively for CS Certificate graduates.

What's In It for You:
1. Learn about yourself and about career options.
2. Explore careers that may be a good fit for you.
3. Understand how to find and apply for jobs and internships.
4. Refine your resume and improve your interviewing skills.
5. Apply these newfound skills when you network with employers and alumni.
6. Build your self-confidence and career competence.

Check out our Career Success Certificate website for details!

If you have any questions about the program or how to get started, please don't hesitate to let me know either by email, phone, or by making an appointment (206-543-0535).

Lynnea Erickson, PhD
Senior Career Counselor
206-685-4096 (direct)


NAVIGATING CAREER OPTIONS CLASS (General Studies 350D), Winter 2013

Curious how to link college to careers? Do you need to choose a major? Not sure what academic and career options are out there? About to graduate but not sure what to do next? Interested in finding ‘what is right for you’? Wondering what you can do and how to think in a challenging economy? Looking for support in figuring things out? Look no further.
Course Topics:  * Career Options/Exploration * Experiential Learning * Internships * Job and Internship Searching * Social Media * Networking * Resumes, Cover Letters & Interviewing * Strengths * Career fairs * Personal & Contextual Influences on decision making and option exploration * Informational interviewing
General Studies 350D, Navigating Career Options, is a 3 credit course and includes a lecture and quiz sections. Students register for the lecture and one quiz section. We are team-teaching this class. Guest speakers from throughout our campus and city will interact with students in both the lecture and sections. We will incorporate a variety of events and career programming into this course.  Students will participate in activities throughout the course that addresses different learning styles. There is no text book for this course. Assignments for this course involve written reflection pieces, informational interview write up, career and academic research assignments, career event write-up, resume and cover letter development.  No pre-requisites needed for this course. This course is open to all undergraduate UW students.   This is a 3 credit course, graded CR/NC. Credit will be awarded based on class attendance, participation, completion of assignments.  Questions about this course – please contact Patrick Chidsey [Career Center]: 206.616.5803;

Lecture (SLN: 14380), Tuesdays, 3:00-4:20, Johnson 102
(4) Sections offered at various times Wednesday & Thursday

(Feedback from students who have taken this class … )

“this class had an opportunity for me to think about who I really am”
“this class should be required”
“lectures should be filmed and available for all undergraduates at UW to view online. This class should be required”
“I really enjoyed quiz section”
“I wish I would have taken this class before I was a senior”
“this is one of the most practical classes on campus”
“I have already recommended my friends to take this class”
“I think every student struggling to find a major or even in a major should take this class, it is very helpful. I think it helps
you grow as a student”
“hands on practical exercises and one-on-one help was very positive”
“I liked knowing that I am not the only one feeling the way I do about job options”
“the thing that I liked the most was I was able to find some career path and I found some interests”

PhD Fellowships Available

The Nanophotonics group at the National University of Singapore is recruiting for a total of ten fully-funded five-year PhD fellowship positions this year, and we are recruiting for multiple funded positions at our US organization at the University of Delaware.

Our research concerns silicon photonics – essentially, re-designing computer chips so that they can manipulate photons as well as electrons. Some years ago, we founded one of the leading companies in this field ( More recently, we founded the OpSIS foundry multi-project wafer (MPW) service ( This is an effort funded by the defense department and Intel, among others, to open up advanced processes to the world research community.

For more information on why we founded the OpSIS effort, and our long-term goals, please see our articles in Nature Photonics about the need in the field for such a service.

Also, here is an open-access article that appeared in Nature about our efforts on OpSIS:

Please note there is a December 15, 2012 deadline for some applicants. Please see our site at for more information.


Prof. Tom Baehr-Jones
Prof. Michael Hochberg

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tutoring and Mentorship Service Learning Opportunity!

Attention Juniors and Seniors!

Gain Experience and Make a Difference

The University of Washington Academic Support Program is offering a service-learning seminar titled “EDUC 401: Tutoring and Mentorship in Higher Education” for Winter Quarter 2013. This weekly seminar will introduce junior and senior students to a diverse range of tutoring, mentoring, and teaching methodologies. Students will have an opportunity to apply what they learn in class through tutoring and mentoring new transfer, freshman, and sophomore students who are transitioning socially, culturally, and academically to the University of Washington. This is a great opportunity for seasoned students to give back to the University by sharing their knowledge and experience with new students who are working to become independent learners.

·         Seminar begins 1st  week of Winter Quarter,  January 7th, 2013
·         Seminar will meet on Mondays from 3-4:20 PM or from 5:30-6:50PM
·         Tutoring will take place on campus
·         Receive 3 credits for working with two students or 2 credits for working with one student
·         A letter of recommendation will be available upon request after completion of the seminar

For more registration information, please contact Laura Chen at:


Tutor-Mentor * 2-3 Credits * EDUC 401

Current syllabus available for review at:

Software Engineer Position with Samsung

Position Title:

Software Engineer



Position Summary:
The responsibility will be for the performance of engineering duties for the proper and proactive testing and evaluation of wireless handset products.  Performs tasks as a test engineering representative for STA and US customer quality assurance, lab teams using customer relations sensitivities and skills to proactively test, adapt and facilitate the adaptation of the product into client’s product delivery infrastructure.  

Essential Duties And Responsibilities:
•              Use skills and knowledge to test and evaluate new Wireless Products including the verification of product Call Voice/Data performance in GSM/UMTS/HSPA/LTE network.
•              Interface proactively and effectively with corporate Korean development engineering teams, US support teams and dept. team members, various client carriers engineering personnel.
•              Perform complex, semi-routine and routine field/application testing, to evaluate embedded applications firmware for quality, standards performance, functionality conformance and adaptation to insure the interoperability of system products.
•              Make recommendations to management personnel on corrective actions required and effectively adapt solutions agreed upon in a timely manner to ensure correct and effective product launches and installation.
•              Coordinate and review, testing of 3rd party companies to complete required independent testing.
•              Compile results and write required equipment engineering reports, test plans and follow-up procedures.

•              A Bachelor Degree in engineering or related electronics technical training from four-year College or university or heavy related on the job training at a significant level. College degree with relevant experience can be considered.
•              Have between 0-2 years wireless product field testing related experience.
•              Must be able to read, analyze and interpret technical requirements and procedures.
•              Must have excellent MS Office proficiency.
•              Technical communications and language skills.
•              GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and Acoustic experience/knowledge is a Plus.
•              Familiarity with the terminologies such as Metrico/MOS/NOMAD/Datum will be a big plus.
•              Strong preference for bilingual ability (English and Korean)

Necessary Skills/Attributes:
•              Develop and maintain excellent technical skills including proactive, customer service oriented working relationships with all appropriate levels within and outside the company.
•              Plan, organize and prioritize multiple engineering support assignments and projects as directed by the manager of the group and/or other departmental officers.
•              Read, interpret and act on very high level of proper understanding of technical documents, engineering test materials and related documents based on corporate engineering standards and philosophy.
•              In R&D support situations demonstrate very high competency level in communication skills using both oral and written modes for the communication of technical information. Must be able to communicate in writing, through emails and reports, or orally complex technical matters
•              Work independently and in a team environment in order to achieve personal and team goals and complete assignments within established time frames. Tasks are guided by clearly defined objectives and functional direction with an implied knowledge of task alternatives and decision making experience to guide the incumbent.

Resume can be sent directly to:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Interested in learning more about science and biotechnology research as a career? The UW Amgen Scholars Program provides a transformative opportunity for some of the nation's top undergraduates to explore and prepare for careers in scientific research. 

The application & information for the 2013 UW Amgen Scholars Summer Research Program is available at: APPLICATION DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 1, 2013. 

To learn more about the program, register to attend an upcoming Amgen Scholars Program Information Session:

Thursday, December 6th - 4:30-5:30 pm in MGH 171 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Operations Support Engineering Co-op/Intern at Cequint to begin January 2013.

To apply just log in to your account at
Even students who are graduating this quarter are encouraged to apply for a “post-graduation” internship!

Cequint, a fast growing 100 person independent subsidiary of a $500 million company, is the leading provider of carrier-grade mobile industry solutions to tier-1 and tier-2 carriers in the U.S. The company’s flagship product has been deployed by multiple carriers on over 35 million devices, and is consistently rated as one of the top-10 applications in the industry.

Cequint is actively developing the next generation of a broad mobile technology that will revolutionize the way people communicate via mobile devices.  This confidential project is a large undertaking with executive visibility that will serve tens of millions of mobile users, and promises to fundamentally transform the mobile landscape.

As an Ops Support you will be responsible for tracking and process inbound tickets for carriers.  This will include gathering information from the company or carrier, creating the ticket, pulling data from the logs and forming the response or passing on to an engineer for further analysis.  You will be responsible for tracking the progress on all customer tickets and ensuring a timely response.  You will work closely with the operations engineering team and provide general support.

Qualifications and Experience:
·         Information Technology or Computer science degree preferred
·         UNIX familiarity
·         Solid communication skills and must be detailed oriented

Our philosophy is to hire quality individuals who are happy, balanced and genuinely enjoy what they do, and in turn, everyone will benefit.  In order to ensure this philosophy, we put our most valuable asset first our employees.  Cequint is a relaxed and fun office which is proud to offer company perks such as company events, happy hours, and free beverages and snacks.

Friday, November 30, 2012

2013 NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP)

June 9 - August 2, 2013

The NASA Airborne Science Program invites highly motivated junior and senior undergraduates to apply for participation in the NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP 2013).  SARP provides students with hands-on research experience in all aspects of a major scientific campaign, from detailed planning on how to achieve mission objectives to formal presentation of results and conclusions to peers and others. 

Participants will fly onboard the NASA DC-8 aircraft where they will assist in the operation of instruments to sample and measure atmospheric gases and to image land and water surfaces in multiple spectral bands.  Along with airborne data collection, students will participate in taking measurements at field sites.  Students will work in multi-disciplinary teams to study surface, atmospheric, and oceanographic processes.  Each student will develop his/her own individual research project.  Many students have gone on to present their results at conferences such as AGU, AMS, and ASLO.

Instrument and flight preparations, and the research flights themselves, will take place at NASA’s Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility, in Palmdale, CA.  Post-flight data analysis and interpretation will take place at the University of California, Irvine.  Applicants must have a strong academic background in any of the physical, chemical, or biological sciences, or engineering and an interest in applying their background to the study of the Earth system.  We especially encourage applications from students majoring in Earth, environmental or atmospheric sciences and related disciplines.

SARP participants will receive round-trip travel to California, housing and transportation during the 8-week program, a $3000 stipend and a $2500 meals allowance.

The deadline for all applications is Feb. 8, 2013.
Applicants must be US citizens currently enrolled in a four-year college or university. 

For more information and to download the program application, visit:
To watch a video about the program, visit

Specific questions about the program should be directed to

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Summer 2013 Undergraduate Engineering Internships

The Earth Observing Laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research is seeking applicants for our 2013 Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research (SUPER). The program is open to undergraduate students enrolled in engineering or engineering-related disciplines at accredited U.S. colleges and universities. However, note that some internship projects may require that the intern be (a) a U.S. citizen; (b) lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States; or (c) a protected individual as defined by 8 USC1324b(a)(3).

We will be hiring four students for SUPER internships during the summer of 2013, and applications are being accepted now.

MEBI 591A: Technologies to Support Aging: Implications for Design, Implementation and Evaluation

Winter Quarter 2013 Seminar Series

Tuesdays 11:00 - 11:50 a.m.
Health Sciences I-132

The population of older adults is growing rapidly and expected to double in size from 2000 to 2030. As our health care system struggles with limited resources and a workforce shortage, there is a need for innovative approaches that will address this unprecedented demographic shift and improve quality of life for older adults. Technology can facilitate the design of such solutions that promote independent and healthy aging. Examples include among others fall detection systems, wearable sensors to capture vital signs or activity levels, telehealth devices for disease management, “smart” homes for independent elders. Technology-based solutions to support aging require interdisciplinary approaches that address not only the technical but also the clinical, ethical, legal and societal implications. This seminar series draws on the expertise of speakers from many disciplines (including health informatics, medicine, nursing, social work, computer science and engineering) to showcase examples of current or proposed systems and examine lessons learned and challenges.

Division of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Department of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education, UW School of Medicine. For questions or more information contact

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Graduate Writing Studio Courses this Winter!!

We will be offering two Graduate Writing Studio Courses this winter for *non-native English speakers* who would like support with academic writing. General Studies 391 (2 credits)
SLN 20895, section O
SLN 20896, section P

In this course, students develop strategies they can directly apply to academic writing tasks from their chosen discipline. Here are the learning goals for the course:

o Develop an awareness of audience, style, and structure for a particular genre
o Analyze sources in terms of reliability
o Develop an awareness of, and practice the grammar used to write reports, definitions, introductions, literature reviews, data commentary, titles and abstracts
o Summarize & critique ideas in academic readings
o Use APA (or alternate) style of documenting sources correctly
o Learn to integrate source material correctly and effectively

Students are welcome to register for one of these sections. No add codes are required. Please note that a course fee of $713.00 is charged in lieu of tuition. Contact Amy Renehan ( if you have questions about the course.

Career Launch Workshop - January 10, 2013

Looking for some help in your job search?  Not sure how to kick-start your career efforts, or where to look for opportunities?  Consider attending the Career Launch Workshop!  

January 10th, 2013
Fee: $30 for UWAA members; $35 for non-members (includes lunch)

The Career Launch Workshop is designed to help you think about how to get started with refining your resume, searching for a job and acing an interview.  This fun and informative 5-hour workshop will help you feel ready to get your resume out there and job search with confidence! For more information or to register, please visit .

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Secrets of Getting into Top Grad Schools for Engineering Students

Tuesday November 27, 2012 6:00pm | EEB 403

If you will be applying to graduate schools, this is an info session not to be missed! You are invited to hear our very own Prof. Alexander Mamishev speaking on the Secrets of Getting into Top Grad Schools for Engineering Students on Tuesday, November 27th - at 6pm in EEB 403. The session will have a 30 minute presentation, followed by a 30 minute Q&A. Bring your application materials on a thumb drive if you want a group criticism (time permitting). 

Monday, November 26, 2012

NASA and Associated STEM Opportunities

1.  Research Alliance in Math and Science (RAMS) program

Dear students and faculty:
The website is open for applications for summer 2013 internships through the Research Alliance in Math and Science (RAMS) program (!  The research internship targets under-represented U.S. citizens, undergraduate levels majoring in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and related disciplines.  If you were a RAMS intern as an undergraduate, you may be eligible as a graduate student.  Please evaluate your eligibility before applying. 

Please note that all fields are required for submission and for cyber security, there is no opportunity to save partially completed applications.  Current student resumes should be uploaded as a Word (.doc) file with LAST NAME as the first word in the filename.  Resume files that are not named with your LAST NAME first cannot be accepted and will result in an incomplete application.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

I look forward to receiving your application packages!  Please note that the deadline is the deadline for your entire package.  Your official transcript should show the courses you will have completed plus the courses you are taking now.  It is understood that courses you are currently taking will not have a grade.  Your faculty should comment on the expected grade for relevant classes underway in the faculty recommendations.

Please note: your academic standing is the last year of school you have completed.  For most of you, that will be the academic year you completed in May 2012.

4.  NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) Program
 NASA announces a call for graduate fellowship proposals to the NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) program for the 2013-2014  academic year. This call for fellowship proposals solicits applications from accredited U.S. universities on behalf of individuals pursuing  Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Earth and space sciences, or related disciplines. The purpose of NESSF is to  ensure continued training of a highly qualified workforce in disciplines needed to achieve NASA¹s scientific goals. Awards resulting  from the competitive selection will be made in the form of training grants to the respective universities.
 The deadline for NEW applications is February 1, 2013, and the deadline for RENEWAL applications is March 15, 2013.
 The NESSF call for proposals and submission instructions are located at the NESSF 13 solicitation index page at -  click on "Solicitations" then click on "Open Solicitations" then select the "NESSF 13" announcement. Also refer to ³Proposal Submission Instructions² and ³Frequently Asked Questions² listed under ³Other  Documents² on the NESSF 13 solicitation index page.
 All proposals must be submitted in electronic format only through the NASA NSPIRES system. The advisor has an active role in the submission  of the fellowship proposal. To use the NSPIRES system, the advisor, the student, and the university must all register. Extended instructions on  how to submit an electronic proposal package are posted on the NESSF 13 solicitation index page listed above. You can register in NSPIRES at
 For further information contact Claire Macaulay, Program Administrator  for NESSF Earth Science Research, Telephone: (202) 358-0151, E-mail: or Dolores Holland, Program Administrator
 for NESSF Heliophysics Research, Planetary Science Research, and  Astrophysics Research, Telephone: (202) 358-0734, E-mail:

Communicating Science to the Public Effectively (CENV 500) - Winter 2013

Communicating Science to the Public Effectively (CENV 500)
Winter 2013
3 credits (Credit/No Credit)
Meets Tuesdays 9:30-12:20 in Fish 203
This is a seminar, discussion-based course for graduate students in the sciences that focuses on effective techniques for sharing scientific research with non-specialists. At the end of the quarter, each student will present a 30 minute public talk on their graduate research to be delivered during the 2013 Engage: The Science Speaker Series at Town Hall Seattle.

In this course, students will:
- Develop and practice several analogies to distill their research
- Create a variety of concise research promoting statements
- Practice story-telling and audience consideration
- Use improvisation as a public speaking tool
- Engage in weekly readings and discussions
- Hear from guest speakers on science communication
General information about Engage: The Science Speaker Series and Seminar

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Engage Speaker Series: Where science meets storytelling UW Today 

Questions?  Email Jessica Rohde

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

oSTEM UW Speaker Panel

Date: Thursday, November 29th
When: 6:30 PM
Where: EEB 125
We will be providing food, generously sponsored by Accenture.

RSVP (please do so):

Speaker Bios:
  1. Krista Davis -- Krista graduated UW CSE department and later dropped out of grad school  to work for Google. She's worked on Google Talk and Docs and contributes her 20% time to work on Google's local philanthropy tools. She represented Google on Seattle's Out & Equal council and spends way too much time (re)watching Star Trek and Buffy.
  2. Marsha Botzer -- Marsha has served the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and progressive communities for over 30 years, as a founding member of Equality Washington, the Seattle LGBT Center, and on boards of Pride Foundation, Safe Schools, Lambert House, Seattle Counseling Service and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.
  3. While we await confirmation from the third speaker, we can tentatively say that he is an executive from a leading multi-national technology firm. Of his many accomplishments, he currently represents the STEM community as a global LGBT lead promoting equality in the workplace.
If you have any questions that you would like to ask the speakers, feel free to ask any questions in the Catalyst RSVP, or email them to me at this address ( Some example questions could be something like the following:
  • "Have you found STEM companies generally accepting of people who identify as LGBTQ?"
  • "A lot of my community involvement efforts have been with the LGBTQ community. Is it alright to put this on my resume?"
  • "Did you wait to come out at work? If so, when did you choose to come out, and why?"
  • "What is your general experience of being out at work?"
  • "What are some resources I can use to find out how LGBTQ-friendly a company is?"
Looking forward to seeing you all there!