Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wireless Modem ASIC Systems Engineer at Qualcomm

Job Function
We are a team of dedicated engineering professionals, driven to produce the best wireless WAN modem solutions and technologies in the world. Our products can be found in many models of high-end smart phones from top tier OEMs, as well as in many feature phones and data modules. We pride ourselves on our cutting edge modem features and overall solutions. We provide many exciting opportunities not available at any other companies in our industry.

Our group is tight-knit, energetic and friendly. We believe in each individual members creativity and potential, best unleashed with a sense of ownership and autonomy. Members of our team are constantly challenged with and exposed to opportunities that will stretch their capabilities and push them to new levels.

As part of Qualcomm, the biggest fabless semi-conductor company in the world, and a company consistently ranked near the top of Fortunes list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, we offer excellent benefits and competitive packages. Most of our engineers get their own offices, one of many ways in which we try to create an excellent work environment.

We look for both fresh graduates and experienced candidates to add to our group. If you are searching for an opportunity to work with the best team in the industry, on the best products of the industry, look no further.
Successful candidates will be asked to perform systems engineering functions for our modem products. Responsibilities may include:
- Partitioning of functionalities among different implementation layers such as hardware (HW), DSP, and software (SW)
- Providing specification for HW, DSP, and SW
- Simulation of communications systems and modules
- Design and refinement of physical layer algorithms including their fixed-point implementation
- Support of verification and validation of HW, DSP and SW
- Enhancement of modem performance and participation in competitive analysis
- Trouble shooting and field proof of modem features and operations
- Design of new system-level features which may necessitate interactions with other companies in the eco system
- Advancing 3G and 4G WAN technologies and QTIs positions with these technologies
- Frequent interaction with hardware, DSP, SW engineering teams, as well as product, marketing, and customer engineering teams may be required

Applicants must have experience in one, or more, of the following areas:
- Expertise in communication theory, signal processing, error correcting codes, information theory, probability and random processes.
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
- Ability to program effectively in C/C++ and Matlab.
- Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
- Experience with wireless standards (i.e. GSM/WCDMA/IS-95/IS-2000/1xEVDO/LTE/Wifi).
- Occasional travel to domestic and international locations may be required.
- Expertise on integrated circuit design, microprocessor architecture, embedded software, or data network protocols would be considered a plus.
Additional search key words: digital communications, signal processing, CDMA, architect, physical layer, PHY, MAC, information theory, DSP, cellular communication, WAN, communication, mobile, wireless, M2M

3G, 4G, LTE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, HSPA+, GSM, WCDMA, IS-95, 1xEVDO, Wifi, modem, systems

Educational Requirements
 Required: Master's, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience
Preferred: Doctorate, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get a scholarship to go to Facebook Headquarters and get a LGBTQ friendly internship!!

Facebook started a conference last year called the Out for Undergraduate Technology Conference dealing with LGBTQ peoples and the tech industry. The goal of the conference is to bring attention to applications for LGBTQ friendly tech internships, build a community of LGBTQ students in the tech industry, and communicate how to come out in a resume/job interview.
The conference is happening again this year on February 2nd and 3rd and Facebook is making travel & lodging scholarships available. Registering for the conference along with sending the application for the conference in is 50 dollars, the 50 dollars is refundable if they do not accept you to the conference and the bill goes to the billing address “Business conference” if there is a concern in the representation of where this 50 dollars is going. The conference organizers are looking for a larger representation of Pacific Northwest students (according to an email) and have accepted engineering students and even English majors, as long as a communication of how what you are doing relates to technology is in the conference's application.

Application is very short and is due December 30th 2012. Find the application here:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Position with Seattle City Light

Seattle City Light has a great opportunity for a new Electrical Engineering graduate.  The posting can be found at  by 12/26/12.