Friday, May 25, 2012

Seattle Science Festival: Science Luminaries Series

Science Luminaries Series: Pushing the Intellectual Envelope
Seattle Science Festival is coming this June!

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This summer, learn from many of the world’s most inspired scientific thinkers about cutting-edge issues of our time. Topics to be tackled in this innovative series include cyber security, the future of genomics, the next generation of space exploration, computer games, and mitigating the world’s leading cause of disease.

Seattle Science Festival’s Luminaries Series presents multi-media presentations by brilliant and inspired thinkers, together with performances by world-class artists.

Come experience this new cultural paradigm!  Tickets are available online now and start at just $15 for general admission, $10 for students.

Science Luminaries Series: Reinventing the Toilet
Friday, June 1 at 8:00pm
 (VIP Reception at 6:30pm)
 at Bagley Wright Theatre at the Seattle Repertory Theatre
Sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Science Luminaries Series: Hackers
Saturday, June 9 at 8:00pm
 (VIP Reception at 6:30pm)
 at Town Hall

Science Luminaries Series: Evolution
Saturday, June 16 at 8:00pm
 (VIP Reception at 6:30pm)
 at the Paramount Theatre

Science Luminaries Series: Space
Friday, June 22 at 8:00pm
 (VIP Reception at 6:30pm)
 at the Museum of Flight

Science Luminaries Series: Gaming
Friday, June 29 at 6:00pm
 (VIP Reception at 7:00pm)
 at the Benaroya Recital Hall
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The Seattle Science Festival is a collaboration of the region’s cultural, educational, research and business communities, organized by Pacific Science Center,
 presented by Lead Sponsor JPMorgan Chase Foundation.
Pacific Science Center - 200 Second Avenue N - Seattle, WA 98109

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Internship with Western Electricity Coordinating Council

Position Title: Power System Engineering Intern
Posting Date: March 29, 2012
Reports to: The Director of EMS Engineering
Location: Loveland, Colorado or Vancouver, Washington

Position Overview:
Under the general direction of the WECC EMS Engineering Director, the Engineering Intern will assist efforts with the West Wide System model and visualization of the real-time power system. This will be an opportunity to be introduced to the reliability coordinator function and to make real contributions to the way the Reliability Coordinators monitor the power grid. The WECC reliability coordinator function is responsible for monitoring the Western Interconnection, which includes 14 states, 2 Canadian provinces and a portion of Baja California Norte, Mexico.

Major Duties:
• Work with network modeling tools to investigate model issues and implement improvements.
• Work with the WECC planning model to identify relationships with the RC network model.
• Begin implementation of power grid visualization enhancements. This will require learning new software tools similar in concept to CAD that will be used to draw the power grid for the RCs. The drawings provide visual indicators of power system voltages, power flows, equipment out of service, etc.
• Work with the EMS Engineering team on various projects as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Completed junior year of Bachelor’s degree (BS) program in electrical engineering or related field.
• Interest in power engineering, power system operations, and power system applications.
• Strong ability to learn new skills with minimal direction.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience with Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word.
• Experience with programming languages such as Visual Basic, Perl, or C.

Job Announcement
For consideration, qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter including salary history to:
WECC Human Resources

About Western Electricity Coordinating Council:
Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with offices in Loveland, Colorado and Vancouver Washington, WECC is the Regional Entity responsible for coordinating and promoting bulk electric system reliability in the Western Interconnection. In addition, WECC provides an environment for coordinating the operating and planning activities of its members.
WECC is geographically the largest and most diverse of eight Regional Entities that have Delegation Agreements with NERC. WECC members, representing all segments of the electric industry, provide electricity to 14 western states, two Canadian provinces, and portions of one Mexican state.
WECC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such does not discriminate against employees or applicants on any basis prohibited by law. For additional information or questions regarding WECC’s policies, please contact WECC’s Human Resources

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Information Session - localization @ UW

Human Centered Design & Engineering is hosting an information session on our certificate program focused on localization, called Global Technology & Communication Management. If you are interested in international policies and how markets impact the design of technology, then you are highly encouraged to attend this session.

This program is three quarters long, with one course each quarter, with classes on: international user experience, localization management, and international product management. We will have instructors and industry experts to talk about the curriculum (which is credit bearing, graduate coursework from HCDE).

The faculty is encouraging students from language programs, international studies, and other related fields to attend and learn more about how to apply your skills to the design of technology.

Our guest speakers are Carla DiFranco and Hiram Machado. Carla is a program manager at Microsoft for Windows International and Hiram is the president and co-founder of adaQuest, a program and project management-based organization that helps companies localize software into new markets around the world.

What: Info Session for Global Technology & Communication Management
When: Tuesday, May 29th at 6PM
Where:  Tentatively Sieg Hall, rom 420

If you think you can attend, please RSVP here: This will help us ensure that we reserve the proper room size for the crowd!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Certificate in Business Essentials: Information Meeting Times

UW is offering a Certificate Program in Business Essentials that UW undergraduates can take as part of their normal credit load this summer. The Certificate consists of three 3-credit courses and will give you a good foundation on the basic pillars of business - marketing, management and finances. This will complement your degree and better prepare you for your career.

Marketing Essentials, MKTG 275
Beard, 3 credits, I&S, A Term, TTh, 1:10pm-4:30pm
Explores marketing principles and their usefulness in diverse business and organizational settings. Discusses controllable and uncontrollable factors in making marketing decisions, and the implications of product life cycle for decision-making. Develops working knowledge of marketing strategy.

Management Essentials, MGMT 275
McPherson, 3 credits, I&S, A Term, TTh, 9:40am-11:50am plus B Term, TTh, 2:20pm-4:30pm
Explores management and leadership through understanding individuals, teams, and organizations. Discusses relevant concepts and applications of strategic planning, problem solving, conflict management, negotiation, change management, and control systems. Also covers current issues regarding ethical behavior, social responsibility, and diversity.

Accounting Essentials, ACCTG 275
Merle, 3 credits, QSR, B Term, TTh, 9:40am-1:00pm
Explores the economic foundations of accounting systems. Discusses the short-term and long-term implications of using accounting information to evaluate performance, create budgets, and analyze financial statements. Reveals what you need to know to be financially literate in a business setting.

Come to an information meeting Wednesday, May 23, 6-7pm, Savery Hall, Room 137, and meet the instructors and program manager. Find out if this series of courses is the right fit for your educational goals and career aspirations.

Find web information here: Summer Quarter Certificate Programs and Certificate in Business Essentials

Database Management Summer Certificate and Information Meeting Times in May

UW is offering a Certificate Program in Database Management that UW undergraduates can take as part of their normal credit load this summer. The Certificate in Database Management consists of two 5-credit courses and will give you a solid understanding of how database systems are deployed and used within the context of business, industry and other organizations.

INFO 340, Database Management and Information Retrieval, 5 credits (NW)
M-Th, 1200-250, A Term

Covering database fundamentals in a condensed format, this course introduces many of the valuable skills required for employment as a database professional, including the relational data model, the database system lifecycle (including entity-relationship diagramming and normalization), as well as basic SQL programming and principles of transaction management. With four hours of lab time every week, each student will develop a simple database on a business premise of their choosing. Prerequisite: none for Summer.

INFO 445, Advanced Database Design, Management and Maintenance, 5 credits
M-Th, 1200-250, B Term

This course continues the material begun in INFO 345, offering advanced perspectives on database management theory, architecture, and implementation, including conceptual, logical, physical modeling. Index structures, query optimization and performance tuning, relational algebra, transaction processing, operational databases, decision support systems, and data warehousing. Projects in database implementation and integration. Social implications of large distributed database systems. Students will continue and complete their database projects. Prerequisite: INFO 340 for Summer.

Come to one of the information sessions to meet the instructor and program manager.
Wednesday, May 23, 4:00 to 5:00 pm, Mary Gates Hall, Room 420
Tuesday, May 29, 6:00 to 7:00 pm, Mary Gates Hall, Room 420

Find web information here: Summer Quarter Certificate Programs and Database Management.

UW Environmental Innovation Practicum - Fall Quarter!

Register Now!
Innovation in Cleantech + Market Opportunity = Solutions for the Planet
ENGR 498, ENVIR 495, ENTRE 443/543
Fall Quarter 2012 (2credits)
Tuesdays 4:00-5:50 pm,
Savory Hall 260
Instructor: Deborah Hagen-Lukens,
No prerequisites, recommended for juniors, seniors and grad students

Unique interdisciplinary course designed for both graduate and undergraduate students focuses on what it takes to develop innovative cleantech solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges and creating exciting new business opportunities along the way. Guest speakers include top national, international and local experts in natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, business, entrepreneurial finance, policy and law. Topics include alternative energy and energy efficiencies, green building, and transportation. Students will form teams, identify an environmental problem and possible opportunities to solve it. Interested teams are invited to enter their solutions in the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge.
For information: Pam Tufts,

Summer Course: HCDE 509, Writing the Scientific Paper

HCDE 509:  Writing the Scientific Paper
In this course for graduate students in scientific and engineering fields, students will analyze and write research manuscriptsand abstracts. We will also consider issues of scientific style, organization, and ethics. Students will draft, critique, and revise their own manuscripts and learn by reviewing the manuscripts of others in a workshop setting. To obtain the greatest benefit from this course, you should have already collected your data. At the end of the class, you will have a paper to show to your advisor.

To register, please contact the instructor for an add code:

Kerrie Kephart, Ph.D.
Human Centered Design & Engineering, 685-3343

HCDE 509: Writing the Scientific Paper
 SLN 11600
 Summer 2012, TTh 2:20-4:00 pm
 Smith 405

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fulbright alumni discussion sessions for applicants

Two upcoming Fulbright discussion sessions have been scheduled for applicants to connect with UW students who are either Fulbright alumni (already returned from their time abroad) or recently selected Fulbright scholars (planning to begin their trips abroad this fall). These sessions are opportunities for applicants to ask questions of these students who have been through the application process, learn more about what a Fulbright year might be like, share ideas about potential projects, brainstorm ways to find affiliations, find out how they made use of their faculty and mentors, etc.:
  • Tuesday, May 22, 12:30-1:20pm, MGH 171
  • Wednesday, May 23, 4:30-5:20pm, MGH 258
RSVP to attend either or both sessions at

UW Fulbright Program Advisers will also be on-hand to answer technical questions about this year's application process, but we will not be attempting to cover any of the program basics already discussed during the information sessions. If applicants haven't yet attended an information session, there are two more upcoming:

Please also note that the Fulbright application opened on May 4. Visit for further information and the online application.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the UW Fulbright Program Adviser based on your student status: