Friday, September 9, 2011

Missile Defense Agency Hiring Entry-Level Engineers

 Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is anticipating the hire of 70 engineers in 2012
for their Missile Defense Career Development Program (MDCDP). MDA is
anticipating hiring 35 entry level engineers (all degree levels with
degree prior to 31 Dec 2011) with a February 13, 2012 start date. MDA
plans to hire 35 more entry level engineers with a start date in June
2012 (all degree levels with degree prior to 31 May 2012) .

Launch your career alongside our nation's brightest minds as part of
the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).  You will be mentored and gain the
experience and expertise you need to succeed.  Stability, incredible
growth potential and work/life balance are the benefits of a career
with MDA.  All of that, and the chance to preserve freedom and protect
your world.  This is not your average career development opportunity. 
Then again, MDA is not your average government agency. The Missile
Defense Career Development Program (MDCDP)

We are currently assembling an entry-level team of college graduates to assist in developing and deploying one of the most challenging and advanced technological undertakings since the Manhattan Project.

We currently have 250 participants in the MDCDP.  The MDCDP is a fully paid, two-year developmental program that allows students possessing the degrees we need, to apply their talents to the unique challenges faced by MDA.  You will earn a competitive salary and enjoy outstanding benefits while working alongside some of the brightest and most motivated thinkers of our time.

 We are currently seeking recent college graduates with degrees in:
 Engineering  (Bachelor, Master and PhD) all disciplines of engineering.

 Learn more about the MDCDP
 IF you want to learn more about the MDCDP by speaking with MDCDP engineers, the MDCDP Project Manager and Human Resources representatives, request your career services office schedule a Video Tele-Conference to be held between interested students and Missile Defense Agency representatives.  Requests from career services personnel may be made to Paul Summer, Human Resource Specialist, Missile Defense Agency - e-mail :<> . VTC presentations include an MDA mission video, overview of the MDCDP and tutorial on using USA Jobs to apply to civil service positions as we as a question and answer session.

 To apply to the MDCDP
 Prepare a resume which articulates your scholastic, community and work experience and paints a clear picture of who you are.  Be clear about your academic accomplishments, what your academic projects and work experience have taught you, and the roles you have played in each effort. Scan your unofficial (if still in school) or official (if graduated) transcripts. Open an account on US Jobs and upload and store your resume and transcripts. Monitor at the entry level career development tab to find the link to our USA Jobs announcement. You can also set up a search by agency using "Defense, Missile Defense Agency" which will deliver to your e-mail address a daily e-mail listing of all MDA jobs to include the formal MDCDP announcement. When the announcement opens, follow the application procedures detailed in the USA Jobs announcement. Apply as soon as you are aware the announcement is open as it will only be open for a short period of time. MDA is an equal opportunity employer.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Course: Science Writing for Impact (2 credits)

*Science Writing for Impact*
Fall 2011
ENVIR 500A | 2 credits
Wednesdays, 9/28-12/7 from 1:30 to 3:20

Do you dream of making a bigger impact with your work? ENVIR 500A will focus
on developing practical skills for expressing your ideas clearly and
memorably. This class aims to transform anxieties about writing into
excitement, and to help students learn to write with impact about topics in
their field.

In-class activities include lecture and discussion, writing exercises,
analysis, guest speakers and work-shopping of assigned writings. The class
is about learning-by-doing. Frequent guest-speakers will help inspire and
motivate students by sharing about the role communication has played in
their success.

Students will keep a daily learning journal, write essays, blogs, Op Eds and
a one-page research proposal. Topics will center on the students� own work
and interests. Students will work with the instructor to publish select
assigned writings.

Instructed by Stacie Solie, a freelance editor and print journalist

ADD CODE REQUIRED. Email for more information.

New Venture Investing Course Offered in Fall

What is venture investing? You hear all the time about these young companies that raise millions of dollars. In Seattle recently, Zulilly raised $43 million, Contour (a UW student-led company!) raised $5 million, and Decide raised $8.5 million. But what does the venture investing process look like�from both the entrepreneur�s and the investor�s point of view?

By registering now for ENTRE 490 Venture Investing, you can learn how to screen, evaluate (perform due diligence), analyze, and make recommendations on opportunities for investment. And you can apply that knowledge to real deals coming out of the University of Washington and other innovation institutions.

SLN  21216      ENTRE 490       (4)     TTh             3:30-5:20 p.m.  

The new Venture Investing class presents a robust learning challenge, teaching you the fundamentals of venture investing and how to perform due diligence on real companies, and giving you the opportunity to present your recommendations to the Investment Committee of the $20 million W Fund. Remember, these are the skills that will help you get a job in investment banking, consulting companies, hedge funds, M&A groups, etc.

This course is restricted to students with junior or senior class standing. All majors welcome. The suggested prerequisites are: ECON 200 and MATH 112 or 124.

Instructor:  Alan Leong, Department of Management and Organization, Foster School of Business