Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Venture Investing Course Offered in Fall

What is venture investing? You hear all the time about these young companies that raise millions of dollars. In Seattle recently, Zulilly raised $43 million, Contour (a UW student-led company!) raised $5 million, and Decide raised $8.5 million. But what does the venture investing process look like�from both the entrepreneur�s and the investor�s point of view?

By registering now for ENTRE 490 Venture Investing, you can learn how to screen, evaluate (perform due diligence), analyze, and make recommendations on opportunities for investment. And you can apply that knowledge to real deals coming out of the University of Washington and other innovation institutions.

SLN  21216      ENTRE 490       (4)     TTh             3:30-5:20 p.m.  

The new Venture Investing class presents a robust learning challenge, teaching you the fundamentals of venture investing and how to perform due diligence on real companies, and giving you the opportunity to present your recommendations to the Investment Committee of the $20 million W Fund. Remember, these are the skills that will help you get a job in investment banking, consulting companies, hedge funds, M&A groups, etc.

This course is restricted to students with junior or senior class standing. All majors welcome. The suggested prerequisites are: ECON 200 and MATH 112 or 124.

Instructor:  Alan Leong, Department of Management and Organization, Foster School of Business