Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Evaluation Supervisor (Energy Planning Supervisor) at Seattle City Light

$42.54 - $49.56 Hourly
City Light, Conservation Resources Division, 901 Fifth Avenue, Room 1814, Seattle, Washington
Job Type:
Classified Civil Service, Regular, Full-Time
Seattle City Light
Bargaining Unit:
WSCCCE, Local 21 CL Supervisor
Closing Date
07/23/13 04:00 PM Pacific Time

Position Description:
Seattle City Light seeks an Evaluation Supervisor to lead the Conservation Evaluation group within the Conservation Resources Division (CRD). City Light, a department of the City of Seattle, is one of the nation’s largest municipally owned utilities in terms of the number of customers served.  Since 1977, energy conservation has been the utility’s first priority energy resource, and the utility has been greenhouse gas neutral since 2006. CRD develops and delivers energy conservation programs and services to the entire range of customers served by the utility in Seattle and surrounding communities.

This Supervisor will lead a newly created conservation evaluation team made up of three Energy Research and Evaluation Analysts. This team will plan and manage impact and process evaluations of energy conservation programs, implement research projects, and compile reports of CRD activities and accomplishments. This position works under the general supervision of the Planning and Evaluation Manager
Job Responsibilities:
The Evaluation Supervisor leads a group that provides evaluation, research, and analysis of energy conservation programs and measures. Specific duties include:
  • Supervise and lead a team of professional program evaluators. 
  • Develop and oversee implementation of a multi-year conservation program evaluation plan. 
  • Plan and implement evaluation and research projects and analyses. Ensure consistency with best practice evaluation, statistical, and economics methods. Analyze, interpret and report on study results, and make related recommendations.
  • Hire staff.  Plan, schedule and direct staff work. Establish priorities, set expectations and conduct performance reviews. Resolve problems and consistently implement policies and procedures.
  • Maintain awareness and understanding of current and emerging techniques in program evaluation.
  • Manage large consultant contracts. Define scope of work, coordinate RFP processes, participate in selection and manage the work of independent contractors.
  • Manage the group’s financial resources. Identify budget and resource needs.
  • Make presentations and prepare written reports and communications.
  • Represent City Light and CRD in various organizations and forums. 
  • Interact with City, City Light and CRD Leadership and staff to support the development of new and innovative programs and delivery mechanisms and identify appropriate evaluation methods.
Education:  Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Economic, Engineering or a related field.

Experience: Three years increasingly responsible professional experience in conservation planning and analysis at least two years of which are equivalent to the City of Seattle Energy Planning Analyst. Ability to supervise is desirable.  (or a combination of education and/or training and/or experience that provides an equivalent background required to perform the work of the class).

Certification/License: Driver's License or equivalent mobility.  
Additional Information:
Desired Qualifications:
  • Graduate degree in Statistical Analysis, Business Administration, Public Administration or other field that provides experience in research and evaluation methods.
  • Supervisory experience including assigning work, setting expectations, and evaluating performance.
  • Experience working with and applying public sector policies and procedures. Experience working with budgets and contracting for services. 
  • Substantial professional experience in research or evaluation, particularly of energy efficiency or conservation programs, services or related areas. This experience is typically gained through five or more years of experience performing relevant progressively responsible assignments.
  • Experience in study designs and methodologies, evaluation procedures, statistical techniques, analysis and inference, database designs, and recommendations to modify and /or continue programs and regulations.
  • Awareness and understanding of current and emerging techniques in energy conservation and energy program evaluation.
  • Significant computer skills. Ability to establish and maintain databases as well as using office products and statistical software.
  • Ability to deliver oral presentations.
  • Experience producing statistical and research reports, manuals, customer and program data analysis and annual reporting. 
Job #2013-00696

Monday, July 1, 2013

ASE opening, 2013-14, digital media production assistant

The School of Drama has an opening for a "digital media production assistant" for 2013-14. This is a regular GSA position, with a monthly salary of $1525 (until we know what the raises will be), tuition waiver and GAIP coverage. The workload is
an average of 20 hours per week, for a total not to exceed 220 hours for the quarter.(Approximately 10-15 hours a week in class, additional 5-10 hours editing time to be scheduled.)

The position is open until filled. If you know of a qualified grad student who might be interested, could you pass this email on to him/her?

Applicants should send an email indicating interest in the position, along with a resume of related work and educational experience to:

Prof. Andrew Tsao, tsao@uw.edu
Head, BA Program
UW School of Drama



ASE Job Description


To assist Associate Professor Andrew Tsao in the pre-production, production and post-production of various curricular and departmental video projects, and to maintain, operate and assist students in the use of departmental digital video and media equipment.


This position requires familiarity with the following:

1.The principles behind and the operation of various digital camera systems, including the Panasonic HVX 200 HD, Canon 5D Mark II, prosumer minicams or other equivalent systems.

2.Cinematographic principles of f-stop, focal lengths and their equivalencies in digital media. Framing, screen size, narrative film grammar principles.

3.Cinema / video lighting technique: three cornered set ups, key, back and fill principles. Set up and operations of Cinema lights from Fresnels to HMI to Diva lights. C stand use, flag and scrim use, etc.

4.Digital audio capture: Sennheiser or equivalent mic systems and Lavalier or equivalent mic systems

5.Final Cut Pro Studio 7 competency, including Color, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro

6.Internet video streaming formats and uploading.


·To set up lighting, camera and audio systems for classroom use.

·To operate camera for class exercises.

·To break down equipment after classes.

·To keep equipment in good working order, to take care of simple maintenance and request factory maintenance as needed.

·To edit and output class projects and department projects though Final Cut and for various platforms, including DVD, webstreaming, etc.

·To offer tutorials and assistance to students, staff and others as needed by the School of Drama.

·To occasionally shoot and edit departmental publicity materials in theatres, on site, etc.