Friday, April 23, 2010

Summer Quarter: CEE Courses (including CEE 391, Autocad)

As an FYI- the CEE Department will be offering CEE 391 (AutoCAD) and other classes which may be of interest to some of your students.

CEE 391 Graphics Communication and Computer-Aided Design (3)
Introduction to graphics communication and computer-aided design tools to manipulate drawings, data, and geometric representations in civil engineering applications. Prerequisite: MATH 124; recommended CEE 316. (Meets full term; SLN 10485) This course will introduce students to AutoCAD and LandSurveyor. CEE 391 (Surveying) is recommended, but not required. Non-engineering majors may request add codes online (

Also, the lab time for CEE 220 Mechanics of Materials has been corrected so that there is no longer a time conflict with ME 230 for summer quarter.

In addition to these courses, we are offering for the first time 400-level core courses:
CEE 412 Transportation Data Management (3 cr)
CEE 421 Pavement Design (3 cr)
CEE 436 Foundation Design (3 cr)
CEE 452 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (3)

Non-CEE majors may request add codes online.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Course - HCDE 598: Information Graphics

HCDE 598
3 credits- A term summer session (4 weeks)
T/TH 11-1:50
Title: Information Graphics
Description: The course will cover basic graphic design principles that facilitate the visual organization and communication of complex information. Students will learn information design theory in a lecture setting and then create science graphics in a workshop/studio situation. The class will focus on both the creation and comprehension of information graphics. Grades will be based on student participation, assignments, group work, and self and peer assessment.
Prerequisites: Students must have graduate standing.