Friday, January 20, 2012

Announcing the 15th Annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium: Friday, May 18, 2012

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Deadline to apply to present your research will be February 24 by 5pm.

The 2012 Symposium Application is open and we encourage undergraduates to sign up for a Symposium Info. Session and Abstract Writing Workshop (info. and registration below) to help prepare you for the event!

Go to for application and information.

Note: All UW undergraduates involved in research are encouraged to apply and those not yet involved in research will discover that attending, and volunteering with, the Symposium is a great way to learn about the broad range of opportunities available at the UW.

Undergraduate Research Symposium Information Sessions
January 23, 2:30-3:30pm, MGH 171
February 10, 12-1 pm, MGH 171

Learn and ask questions about the Symposium application process and the logistics of the Symposium itself. To register, visit:
Abstract Writing WorkshopsAbstract Writing Workshops are tailored to students who are applying to the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. The abstract writing workshop includes information on what exactly is an abstract, how to write one, and what information to include.

January 27, 12-1pm, MGH 171
February 6, 2:30-3:30pm, MGH 171
February 13, 3:30-4:30pm, MGH 171
February 17, 12-1pm, MGH 171
February 21, 3:30-4:30pm, MGH 171

Registration available at:

Questions? Contact the staff of the Undergraduate Research Program at

We look forward to having you join us for the 15th Annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium!

2012 Summer Intern Employment Program

We are pleased to announce that summer employment applications are currently being accepted at the Griffiss Institute for project work to be done for the Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate, Rome NY.

The mission of the Information Directorate is to lead the discovery, development, and integration of affordable warfighting information technologies for our air, space and cyberspace force. 

To help accomplish this mission, our primary areas of focus will involve those students pursuing degrees in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering.  Individuals selected for the projects will work at state-of-the-art facilities alongside world-class scientists and engineers.

Applications will be accepted through February 24, 2012*. 

The 2012 application process for students is located on the Griffiss Institute website at:

In order to apply, all students must:
      1)  Complete the application form and attach the required documents (i.e. resumes, transcripts) as indicated.
      2)  Send the completed form and attachments to the following email address:

All documents should be attached to one email transmission. 

* Applications received after that date may not receive consideration.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Summer REU-CURENT-The University of Tennessee

The Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks (CURENT) is conducting a summer REU at the University of Tennessee.

Business School Workshop and Grad School Practice Tests

The Kaplan Business School Blueprint 2012 is a free series of events this month that is perfect for people who may be interested in business school down the line to get a head start on succeeding in this process.
The 5-day series will begin on Sunday evening, January 22, and there is an event every day through Thursday the 26th. Here's the agenda of events:
  • Business School: Why and Where to Go
  • Application Metrics: Your MBA Scorecard
  • 100 Hours: A GMAT Study Plan
  • Free GMAT Training Session and the New GMAT Section
  • The Second Annual MBA Night

The first four events are online and can be attended from anywhere. The free registration is open at

In our experience, January is a perfect time to get started early and do things right when it comes to planning important steps such as graduate education and everything that goes into a successful application. Previously, I've mentioned how the test is changing as well. The Blueprint 2012 series will cover the details of this change and help future MBAs plan when to take the test and what they will need to prepare for.

Kaplan's semi-annual Practice Test Event is right around the corner! The tests will be administered on 2/25/12 at 10 AM at the UW Law School.  This is a great free opportunity for students to see how they might score on the real exam, and also to get an idea of the types of questions that will be on the real test.
Students can register at  Further information and registration details will come prior to the event date.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking for an EE student to join team

My name is Cato and I am taking CS/Entre 490B "Software Entrepreneurship." My team is looking for an Electrical Engineer to join us in developing "talking objects." We need someone who can design a beautiful board.

My partner, Mike, would also like to offer instructive courses as an after-class activity where students interested in robotics, CS and hardware development can learn how to use the board for which he has created the application logic and programming basics needed to do so.

Mike would like to pitch the idea concept to classes and relevant groups to find this team member and also to announce the course. I would appreciate it very much if you could put me in touch with the appropriate instructors or facilitators so that I could arrange this or simply forward this email to a more appropriate recipient.

Please reply or call/text me at 682-231-3372, and let me know if we should meet in person. Thank you very much!

Analyst Job Opening with Lake Partners, Seattle

Analyst position for Lake Partners, a boutique strategy consulting firm in downtown Seattle

Demonstrated academic achievement

  • Recent college graduate (or soon to graduate) from a top university
  • Outstanding academic credentials including strong overall GPA
  • Demonstrated achievement in analytics, problem-solving & project management (e.g.: in major, specific classes or projects, thesis, national test scores)

Strong primary research skills

  • Creative approach to developing unique research paths
  • Accurate & efficient in research methods
  • Excellent organizational skills

Demonstrated analytical proficiency

  • Ability to build & execute an effective approach to a variety of unstructured problems
  • Ability to process large amounts of quantitative & qualitative information
  • Ability to draw creative insights based on independent analysis
  • Understanding of financial data & ability to build complex financial models

Effective communication skills

  • Both written & verbal
  • Both formal & informal (thinking on your feet)

Extremely motivated individual with a strong work ethic & proven interpersonal skills

  • Self-starter/self-motivated; capable of learning on the job
  • Works well in stressful situations (infrequent but unavoidable)
  • Processes constructive feedback well
  • Team player who knows when to lead and when to follow


  • Must have the legal right to work permanently in the United States
  • We do not have summer employment or internship opportunities at this time
  • As this is an entry-level position, Individuals with MBA’s or 5 or more years work experience should not apply for this position; 1-3 years work experience preferred but not required.

Submit your resume and cover letter to:
Include your GPA and reasons for your desire to live in Seattle in your application