Thursday, May 27, 2010

IND E 599 G Introduction to Optimization Models

One of our faculty members, Zelda Zabinsky, is teaching a new course this fall: Introduction to Optimization Models. The course is open to other COE grad students, and she welcomes their participation. It is offered MW 12:00-1:20 in LOW 216 and it is joint listed with EDGE. I've attached a flyer with the information, but here is a short description:

Optimization models are used in a wide variety of applications. This course focuses on developing optimization formulations that are appropriate for the situation at hand. The course will use a number of applications from industrial, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, financial optimization models, health care systems, environmental ecology, and forestry. The problems will span many types of optimization models, such as linear programming, integer programming, quadratic assignment problem, nonlinear convex problems and black-box models. Multi-criteria optimization will be discussed, and how to incorporate randomness into optimization models, such as chance-constraint programming and scenario-based stochastic programming.