Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Course: Science Writing for Impact (2 credits)

*Science Writing for Impact*
Fall 2011
ENVIR 500A | 2 credits
Wednesdays, 9/28-12/7 from 1:30 to 3:20

Do you dream of making a bigger impact with your work? ENVIR 500A will focus
on developing practical skills for expressing your ideas clearly and
memorably. This class aims to transform anxieties about writing into
excitement, and to help students learn to write with impact about topics in
their field.

In-class activities include lecture and discussion, writing exercises,
analysis, guest speakers and work-shopping of assigned writings. The class
is about learning-by-doing. Frequent guest-speakers will help inspire and
motivate students by sharing about the role communication has played in
their success.

Students will keep a daily learning journal, write essays, blogs, Op Eds and
a one-page research proposal. Topics will center on the students� own work
and interests. Students will work with the instructor to publish select
assigned writings.

Instructed by Stacie Solie, a freelance editor and print journalist

ADD CODE REQUIRED. Email ademelle@uw.edu for more information.