Wednesday, November 4, 2015

EE 399 Introduction to Semiconductors and Devices Winter 2016

Instructor: Tai-chang Chen
SLN: 21848
MWF 930-1020
THO 134

This class offers a thorough introduction to the physical properties of semiconductors and semiconductor devices.   It covers a review of the fundamental material science concepts, solid state physics, the properties of semiconductors, including energy bands, carrier concentrations, and conduction in more detail.  Then the class will introduce the principles of operations of the semiconductor devices, such as diodes, junction field effect transistors, and solar cells.
This class builds a solid physical concepts required for the understanding of semiconductor devices. Students will obtain a good foundation for higher level electronics and circuits related courses.
The structure of the class includes, weekly three one-hour lectures, weekly homeworks, midterms and one final.  There is no lab element for this class.

Prerequisite: EE 215