Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Palantir Puzzlehunt October 24th.

Puzzlehunt is an all-day event that consists of 9-10 puzzles; each puzzle takes about 20-60 minutes. The puzzles are solved in teams of 4-6 people. Anything can be used, including phones/laptops, but the puzzles are designed so that these outside items aren’t helpful or necessary – all materials needed for the puzzle are provided. The puzzles require thinking about things in an abstract way, or outside the box. It’s a fun activity and is definitely something you get better at with practice. We also have employees at each puzzle to provide support, answer questions, and walk students through to the answer if they’d like that.

Our event is scheduled to begin at 12pm sharp, and we’re asking teams to arrive at 11:30am for lunch & registration. We are capping the team count at 40 teams. The hunt should run through the early evening (around 7pm), at which point prizes will be distributed to the winners, and t-shirts to all participants (though this is surprise). The hunt is run using an app called Cluekeeper, which is standard for puzzlehunts, so students will have access to their times/scores after the hunt is completed.