Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Distinguished Teaching Awards 2016: Call for Nominations

Dear Members of the University Community,   
The Center for Teaching and Learning and Undergraduate Academic Affairs invites nominations for the 2016 Distinguished Teaching Awards, Distinguished Teaching Award for Innovation with Technology, and the Excellence in Teaching Awards.   
The Distinguished Teaching Award honors 5 instructors who have demonstrated extensive knowledge and mastery of the subject matter; displayed the ability to inspire, guide and mentor students through independent thinking; and serves as mentors, collaborators and consultants to other faculty members and teaching assistants by helping to enrich the scholarship of teaching and learning.   
The Distinguished Teaching Award for Innovation with Technology recognizes a faculty member or team from any of the three University of Washington campuses who demonstrates a significant impact on student learning; displays originality of a project with the ability to apply said project on a larger scale; and the potential for adaptability to different courses, student demographics, or instructional settings.  As with other awards, this honor is given one time only to a faculty member or team.  Those have already received a Distinguished Teaching Award are not eligible.   
The Excellence in Teaching Awards is given to two graduate student teaching assistants for their demonstration of extraordinary ability in the teaching and learning process.   
Nominations are accepted via web only.  To begin the nomination process, we ask that you submit your online form at www.uw.edu/teaching/awards.  The deadline for all submissions is Monday, November 23, 2015, 5:00 p.m.  All eligible nominees will be posted online by Friday, December 4th.  Nominees will also be contacted via email regarding their nomination and instructions for how to submit a complete file should they choose to proceed.   
Thank you for your support during the awards process.  For questions, please email dta@uw.edu.