Friday, June 5, 2015

Junior Electrical Engineer/Technician Position with Pillar Product Design

We are looking for someone with an interest in consumer goods and electronics, and knowledge of the product development process. At Pillar, we help bring clients from initial napkin sketches through to first article review. Feel free to visit our site to get a better understanding of the types of products we design.

Potential candidates should have experience with the following:
·         Power Supply Design
·         Battery Charger Design
·         Motor Drive Design
·         Analog Circuit Design
·         Magnetics Design
·         Digital Circuit Design (FPGA/CPLD & Embedded CPU)
·         RF Circuit Design
·         EMC Design
·         Spice & PSpice Simulation
·         PCB Layout
·         Prototyping
·         Schematic Capture
·         Stress Analysis
·         Hands on testing of designs
·         Proficiency with SolidWorks & Microsoft Office
·         Knowledge of the product development process is a plus