Monday, June 1, 2015

Google is hiring for optimization under certainty applied to computer networks

The network architecture team at Google is looking to hire someone to transform the theory of optimization under uncertainty into practice. Google operates one of the largest and most innovative networking infrastructure in the world. We solve exciting optimization problems for network design, capacity planning and operations. Of course network components fail every now and then, so we want to design survivable networks that offer probabilistic availability guarantees. There are several other sources of uncertainty in our optimization problems, for example due to the difficulty of accurately forecasting demand. Join our team of software and network engineers to combine optimization, simulation, automation and software engineering and advance the state of the art!

Here is our formal job opening. This position is based in Mountain View, California.

Please contact me if you're interested. Could you also share this opportunity with your current and former students and anyone else who may be interested?

You can also attend our presentation at the ISMP 2015 conference on Monday July 13 in the Optimization network design session.