Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Job Openings with Coverity Group

Coverity is changing the way companies develop software. For years companies and consumers tolerated software that was full of functional defects and security holes. In today’s world that is no longer acceptable.

Coverity spun out of Stanford University in 2004 with a new method of Static Analysis able to catch functional and security defects at the very beginning of the development cycle. The ability to automatically detect defects combined with a uniquely low false positive rate has led to rapid developer adoption, and Coverity has become the leader in Application Quality and Security, with 5x the revenue of the nearest competitor.

Now as part of Synopsys, Coverity is expanding from a highly differentiated point tool company into a full platform solution solving the quality and security problem with fundamental and highly innovative solutions. Additional information can be found at

You name a product in your daily life, and it is likely that we made it better by improving the software. We are proud that the software of the Mars Rover Curiosity is "Coverity-clean" and our products contributed to the success of the large Hadron Collider. In addition, Coverity provides free code analysis to open source projects through our SCAN initiative and most top universities use us as part of their Computer Science curriculum to demonstrate software testing at its best.

We’re looking for exceptional C/C++ and Java developers with backgrounds in, or an interest in learning compiler technology for a host of the most popular programming languages. You will be expected to learn new programming languages and new open source/closed source compilers on a regular basis, improve and adapt them to generate a unified AST and add security models for the most popular frameworks for each language.

These roles are perfect for technologists with strong programming skills, interest-in/knowledge-of the latest compiler technology, who want to grow rapidly and keep abreast of the latest state-of-the art programming languages.

Software Engineers USA - Washington – Seattle or CANADA - Alberta – Calgary
  • Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree in computer science or related fields
  • Experience in C/C++ development (4+ years)
  • Experience with Object Oriented programming and design

Java Developer USA - California – San Francisco
  • BS/MS Computer Science or related fields
  • Expertise in Java and/or C#
  • Solid understanding of HTTP protocol and web browsers

Backend Web Applications Engineer USA - California – San Francisco
  • BS/MS Computer Science or related fields
  • Expertise in Java programming
  • Experience implementing the back end of enterprise web applications
  • Experience in the use of one or more web application frameworks

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