Friday, April 10, 2015

Environmental Management Graduate Certificate

Interested in sustainability, policy, and business management in the environmental field?

The Environmental Management Graduate Certificate<> is a transcriptable credential that complements a master's or doctorate and prepares you for a career in the environmental field. Students who earn the certificate:
*  Learn to solve environmental challenges by integrating business, policy, and science.
*  Add value to a real-world client by putting their education into practice.
*  Collaborate with grad students and professionals from numerous disciplines.
*  Build professional skills in project management, communications, and teamwork leading to environmental careers in consulting, public agencies, and nonprofit management.

*  3 core courses<> in environmental business, policy, and science
*  2 quarter client-based Keystone Project<>
Application<> now available. Due Friday, April 17.
Policy Core Course (select one)

*         Environmental Policy Processes (PBAF 590)

*         Resource Policy and Administration (SEFS 571/PBAF 592)

*         Natural Resource Policy and Planning (ESRM 470)

*         Environmental Planning and Permitting in Practice (ENVIR 485)

*         Marine Policy Analysis (SMEA 519)

*         Public Policy Processes (POLS 575)
Science Core Course (select one)

*         Role of Scientific Information in Environmental (PBAF 597)

*         Risk Assessment for Environmental Health Hazards (PBAF 589/ENVH 577)

*         Life Cycle Assessment (ME 515)

*         Toxic Chemicals and Human Health (ENVH 405)

*         Hazardous Waste Management (ENVH 446)
Business Core Course (select one)

*         Business Strategy and the Natural Environment (ENVIR 502)

*         Cases in Sustainability (IBUS 545)

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