Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CEE 220 offering in Autumn 2015

The Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department will be offering CEE 220 Mechanics of Materials in Autumn Quarter 2015.  

This is good news for engineering students because it will allow students to take CEE 220 in the fall and better distribute engineering course requirements across all three academic-year quarters.  (The prerequisite for CEE 220 is AA 210 Statics.)

Historically, CEE 220 and ME 230 have only been offered in winter and spring quarters, so this will mark the first time CEE 220 will be offered in autumn quarter.  CEE 220 will continue to be offered in winter and spring quarters as well.

CEE 220 is scheduled for MWF 9:30-10:20AM (lecture) in autumn quarter.  Students will register for a lab section on Thursday at 10:30AM-12:20PM (lab AA) or at 3:30-5:20PM (lab AB).   As with any course offering, course time is subject to change based on classroom availability.   Instructor will be professor Laura Lowes.

CEE 220 is an admission requirement for AA, CEE, and ME, and a graduation requirement for the IND E and MSE.    

If you have questions, please contact