Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Winter Course: Making Your Science Relevant ENVIR 500

*Making Your Science Relevant*ENVIR 500A | Winter 2015
Tu/Th 1:30-­2:50pm
3 credits C/NC

The course is designed to train scientists with practical skills to ensure their work has impact, e.g. informing policy decisions or securing funding for much-needed research.

To make this course as valuable and relevant as possible, students will draw on their own research for coursework/projects. Students will learn specific tools and techniques to better communicate their own science, as opposed to science communication in general.

This is a hands­‐on course for upper‐level graduate students to learn to develop clear messages about their complex scientific research, insights into working with journalists, and strategies for using online media effectively.

*Instructor Heather Galindo (COMPASS Assistant Director of Science) draws on more than ten years of COMPASS experience in designing and leading communication trainings for scientists around the country, including the prestigious Leopold Leadership Program. For more information or questions about the class, email hgalindo@COMPASSonline.org