Friday, June 15, 2012

UW Entrepreneurship*Lavin Google Hangout*Summer Open Houses

Lavin Entrepreneurial Action Program - 2012-2013
Entrepreneurship is a dynamic union of innovation and opportunity, passion and vision, risk and reward.

The Lavin Program prepares a select group of entering University of Washington undergraduate students, regardless of major, for careers as entrepreneurs. Students with a passion for entrepreneurship and a willingness to experience the risks as well as the rewards will thrive in the program's peer-group based environment.  Students will graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of entrepreneurship, real experience starting and running their own companies, and a summer internship in an early-stage firm.  The Center for Entrepreneurship has more than 20 years of connecting with the local entrepreneurial community, giving Lavin students access to world-class mentors and networking opportunities. 

By combining entrepreneurship courses with opportunities for practical experience, Lavin students will emerge from the program with a strong foundation for adding value-either within their own start-ups or at an established firm.

The online application for the Lavin Program will be open on August 15 and close on October 3.

To find out more about the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Undergraduate Programs
, including the specialty Lavin Program, attend one of the CIE Open Houses this summer.  Parents are welcome. 

Email me if you have questions, or if you would like to be sent information about the Lavin application and the CIE Summer Open Houses.

Welcome to the University of Washington - we look forward to helping you reach your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Pam Tufts, Assistant Director
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
University of Washington Foster School of Business

Google Hangouts! 7-8pm!
July 18, August 27, September 26
Lavin Entrepreneurship students will host 3 Google Hangouts this summer to answer any questions you have (for you non-early adopters, Hangouts are multi-person video chats). If you'd like to join us, add our page to your Google+ circles. If you aren't planning on joining, add our page anyway! :) Then just visit our Google+ page during one of the times listed below and you should see an invite to join the Hangout. It's important to add our page to your circles, or else you won't be able to Hangout. Technical problems? Email us at
. See you there!

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