Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Entry Level Position with Aerotek

Top Three Skills:

Job Description:

Entry level electrical designer/engineer for production of construction documents in a fast paced and challenging environment.
Ultimate Responsibilities:
•Design for electrical systems ranging from simple to complex. Types of design can include power, lighting, distribution systems, heat trace, and general equipment installation designs.
•Short circuit analysis, overcurrent protective device coordination, and review of power quality and reliability.
•Coordination with design team members, both in electrical and other disciplines.
•Attendance at client design review meetings for presentation to customer.
•Technical writing of specifications, sequence of operations, testing documents and reports 
Work Environment:

Cube Farm at Intel RS6 


•Entry level position – no direct experience required.
•Excellent technical writing skills.
•Ability and willingness to learn quickly and independently.
•Good communicator and team player.
•Ability to follow instruction.
•Highly organized.
•A general sense of responsibility and follow-through.
•Dedication and commitment, including punctuality and the willingness to do what it takes to get the job done, including working extra hours when needed.
•Interest in professional growth.
•Proficiency with MS Word, Excel and Outlook
•Experience and/or familiarity with fab facilities is a plus.
•AutoCAD experience is a plus, but not required
•BSEE or equivalent degree from an accredited university (power focus in their coursework, or at least blend of power and microelectronics)
•EIT accreditation is a plus 

Performance Expectations:

initiative, ability to learn, communication, organization, professionalism (do they dress and act the part), punctuality, quality (accuracy on whatever work their doing), and productivity (are they are on pay with being able to get their job done in the allocated budget/time) 

Additional Information:

No Master's required
High GPA preferred but not required (3.0 at least)
strong writing skills/reports - must be able to provide examples from school or projects
pure microelectronics-focused EE program won't work
1st Day - project dependent, but pair up w senior engineer to show the ropes...sit down for an hour and go over what resources they can use to get the job done
Best vs. Average - self-starter, figure things out themselves, good report writer, ambitious and wants to pursue their PE 

If you are interested, please contact Ryan Kamisato,  <rkamisat@aerotek.com>