Wednesday, December 2, 2015

EE 400 D Device Design Capstone

Is there a device you have been dreaming about?
Do you want to get a job in the semiconductor industry?

If so, I may have a course for you. I am teaching a new course in Device Design next quarter. This course satisfied the capstone requirement in the Devices area, but would also be valuable for students interested in VLSI design. The focus of the course will be a quarter-long design project of some electronic or optoelectronic device. Some examples would be a thin film solar cell or an ultra-low power transistor. Other possibilities include LEDs, sensors, power electronic devices, or almost anything you can imagine. The reason that such a broad range of options are available is that we will be using the same powerful TCAD suite used by industry to design their devices.

More information on the course is available at

SLN 13340
TTh 230-420
EEB 003