Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Winter Quarter Course: BH 497/597 Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies in Medicine & Healthcare

BH 497/597 (3 credits)

Special Topics: Ethical Implications of Emerging Technology in Medicine & Healthcare

Instructor: S. Malia Fullerton, Associate Professor, Bioethics & Humanities
Meets: Monday and Wednesday, 3:30-4:50 pm, Room T693

Course Description
Scientific and technological innovation in biomedicine is advancing at breakneck speed, with exciting new developments ranging from nanoscale drug delivery to gene editing to neuroenhancement being reported on a near daily basis.  These emerging technologies and their application in healthcare delivery promise an array of individual and societal benefits; they also raise ethical concerns.  This course will introduce students to select biomedical innovations and invite sustained consideration of the many ethical implications surrounding their development and potential use.

This is a small (30-35) seminar course. B H 497 is open to juniors and seniors. The withered graduate course, B H 597, requires an add code from bhadds@uw.edu