Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Looking for Course Assistant for HCDE 539

Course Assistant
HCDE 539: Physical Computing & Prototyping
Tu 6.00-9.50 pm / Sieg 233 / Davidson

This course reviews fundamentals of designing and prototyping human-centered interactive systems and environments that include software and hardware components. Students build projects using electronic devices and fabrication tools. Provides hands on experience in a project-based, studio environment. In HCDE 539, students develop prototypes of interactive systems using Arduino micro-controllers and various sensors and actuators. 

Responsibilities of the CA (Course Assistant) will include attending class sessions and assisting students with project work such as electronics and programming, answering student communication and questions online (on email, Canvas, and the Facebook group), preparing and organizing the lab before and after class sessions, checking out equipment, and meeting with the instruction team as necessary.

Applicants must have experience with Arduino, programming in C++ or similar language (Java, Python, C#, etc.), knowledge of basic digital electronics and circuits, soldering, debugging hardware and software, and be able to move furniture and storage cabinets.

Commitment: 8-10 hours per week, including the class meeting on Tuesday evening. Salary is $13.50 / hour.

Interested students should contact Andrew Davidson (