Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Postings from the Coop Office for EE Students

Check out and apply for the current EE job opportunities available to you this week.
If you missed the big career fair last week, don't worry! The Co-op and Internship program has many pending job postings  in addition to the ones listed below. So stay tuned and don't miss a deadline!
Speaking of dead lines, LiveRamp  is hiring students in EE and the last day to submit your resume is October 30th (Tomorrow)! Also, applications for Planetary Resources, Micron Technology, and Fog Creek Software end November 1st. 

One last reminder: Samsung Night is tomorrow at 5:30pm in EEB 303. Find out what you can do at their company. 

Other events to note:
11/5 - AT&T @5:30
11/6 - Leviton @5:30