Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Women in Leadership series from CoMotion

Spring Forward with Women Leaders Event Series:
The Spring Forward with Women Leaders event series grows out of our region's collective commitment to do better on topics such as gender pay equity, diversity and inclusion in leadership and in technical and STEM-based fields, entrepreneurship and investing.
The Spring Forward with Women Leaders series is presented as a joint effort of Ada Developers AcademyArtemis ConnectionCambia GroveCoMotionGalvanize Seattle, the Washington State Department of Commerce and Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA).
Presented with support from Series Sponsors Women’s Funding Alliance and 100% Talent.
All events in the series are free and open to the public.
·         Equity Programs that Work and How to Build One (For You and Your Company)
·         For Company Leaders and CEOs: Increasing Gender Diversity
·         Speed Mentoring for Women in Tech
·         Getting On Board(s)
·         Keynote Address and Speed Networking Hour
·         Moonshots and the Health Care & Tech Industries
·         User Generated Content (Audience Choice)
·         Spring Forward Battle Decks Tournament

Series begin on March 10th with “Equity Programs That Work and How To Build One (For You or Your Company)”