Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Vulcan Proving Ground Internship

Vulcan Proving Ground Intern (Technology)
Paid Summer Internship – Seattle, WA

The Vulcan Proving Ground, a team at Vulcan Technology, are tackling challenging problems in computer vision, autonomous vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, clean energy, and advanced disease diagnostics. As part of your internship, you have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to our existing projects – or research, design, and develop a project of your very own that aligns with our investment areas. Successful projects will lead to publishing or presentation opportunities.
We are looking for a rising junior/senior undergrad or graduate student with a passion for solving technical problems like the ones below:
-          modeling optimal power flow for smart microgrids
-          tracking events in public spaces using cameras and distributed sensors
-          activity recognition using cameras/wearables for instrumenting athletic performance
-          robust multi-domain object recognition from unmanned aerial vehicles
-          localizing and tracking multiple persons of interest indoors
-          enhanced recognition of structural and functional features on blue water vessels from satellite imagery
-          AIS/VMS-based prediction of vessel movement in shipping lanes
-          reducing interruptions due to notifications in multi-device mobile environments
-          using sensors to detect levels of user frustration induced by system delays
-          automated synthesis of video from multiple cameras based on dynamic POV
-          development of interactive game for immersive 360-degree video environments
Desired Skills and Experience
Strong computer skills, with the ability to write prototype (or better) code in one or more languages preferred. 

For more information about Vulcan’s Internship Program and to apply, please visit Vulcan.com.