Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Become a New Instructor for ASUW Experimental College

The ASUW Experimental College (ExCo) was established in 1968 by a group of
University of Washington students. It was their vision to offer fun,
non-credit classes for University of Washington students and Seattle
community members. Today, the Experimental College is the largest-known
student organization of its kind.

We are more than excited that to let you know that we are *HIRING FOR NEW
INSTRUCTORS!!* We make sure you have enough flexibility for time, location,
rates, and topic you want to teach. Teachers don't have to have an advanced
degree; just experience and passion for their subject. We are looking for
teachers with experience in all areas, but especially writing,
theatre/film, visual arts, software, technology, and cooking.

*Check out our "Teach" page for more information on how to apply*:
https://depts.washington.edu/asuwxpcl/teach/. The application for the new
course proposal is technically due on Jan 8th, Friday but we can extend the
deadline to Jan 11th, Monday.

For more information in general, please visit our site: exco.org