Thursday, January 28, 2016

Application deadline Monday for Environmental Management Certificate

Environmental Management Graduate Certificate - Your Questions Answered

The Environmental Management Graduate Certificate is a credential students can earn while pursuing a Master's or PhD at the University of Washington to help prepare for a career in the environmental field. Each year graduate students from across campus participate in the program enjoying a unique opportunity to work with other students from a wide range of disciplines. A portfolio of projects representing a broad range of issues is compiled and students work with the program director on identifying a suitable project and team.

What do I need to do to earn the certificate?

  • Complete 3 core courses in environmental policy; business and the environment; and science application. Students choose from a list of identified courses.
  • Complete a 2-quarter team-based project with the guidance of a faculty mentor. Projects begin in autumn quarter and include registration in ENVIR 511 and ENVIR 512.

Are there any admissions requirements?

1.      Students must be matriculated graduate or professional students at UW Seattle.

2.      Prerequisites to starting the program include completion of coursework in each of the following: (a) applied quantitative methods or pure quantitative methods; and (b) social or natural science

Why include students from different departments on teams?
Environmental challenges are complex, and if we are to be successful in solving them, an interdisciplinary approach is imperative.  A diverse group of students add value by bringing the skill set and perspective from their own discipline to the collaborative study in this graduate certificate program.

How will this certificate prepare students for careers?
The certificate program is professionally-focused and students build skills in project and time management, communication, and teamwork. Students earning the EM certificate pursue a wide range of career opportunities from environmental consulting firms to public agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. From recent alumni:

Consultants at firms including EMI Consulting, Cascadia Consulting, EnviroIssues, Triangle Ass.
Financial Analyst at the National Park Service
Directors of Operation at FishChoice, connecting sustainable seafood buyers and sellers
Oil Spill Contingency Plan Specialist for the Washington State Dept. of Ecology
Conservation Coordinator at Center for Natural Lands Management
Environmental Engineer at GeoEngineers Inc.

Who can I talk to learn more?
Students interested in learning more are encouraged to set up an appointment with the adviser, Ana Wieman at Priority application deadline is February 1, 2016. Second application date: May 2, 2016.  Projects begin autumn quarter.