Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Part-Time Web Developer Sought for

Seeking part-time Web services application development help!  eSwing Golf Technologies, LLC ( is a WA startup company, based in West Seattle.  The company has developed and patented an electronic golf swing analyzer (called eSwing) that incorporates arrays of infrared and ultrasonic sensors to “see” the golf club head at ball impact during a golf swing.  These sensors accurately measure swing tempo, club speed, face angle and club path angle during the swing which are calculated within eSwing’s PIC micro-controller and displayed on eSwing’s LCD as immediate feedback for the player.  Hardware initialization and captured swing data are sent wirelessly (using Bluetooth LE communications) between eSwing’s hardware and an android mobile application to trigger and control eSwing’s sensors and firmware and to display captured swing data and ball flight trajectory on the mobile device.
eSwing’s current website has been developed in Parse.  Specific development help that we need to produce MVP features includes:
1.      Develop a Parse database that will link to the “My eSwing” navigation tab on eSwing’s website.
2.      Create tables and fields within the DB tables to save/access player records, player clubs, shot and transaction data.
3.      Develop website backend code to receive and save shot data packets sent into the cloud from the mobile app and to access and send saved data from within the DB that the mobile application requires.
4.      Create a couple of “basic” reports that will be available for players to access, replay and receive analytics and metrics from captured player swing data.
If you’re interested in this project, please contact Rick Plank, Founder/CEO, at 206.619.2266 or by email at  for additional details.  Salary/Equity and future FT employment opportunity may be available depending on experience, demonstrated abilities and interest.