Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Undergrad Research Opportunity for EE Juniors/Seniors

We are looking for 1-2 motivated undergraduate senior students to participate in an underwater communications project. You will work with researchers (graduate student and professor from FUNLAB, see www.ee.washington.edu/research/funlab) in an NSF funded project and earn 499 credit, and based on performance, may be considered for a part-time research appointment for one qtr.

Qualifications: Experienced in C/C++ programming in Linux, hardware interfacing & debugging, basic understanding of the communication protocol stack and networking.

Expectations: Program and debug, operate acoustic modems, conduct field experiments teams, data collection and assistance with analysis. 1-2 days of availability per week during the quarter required.

Send (i) complete UW transcript and (ii) short CV to sroy@uw.edu & nbagha@uw.edu with a note about your interest and availability.