Monday, September 21, 2015

CSE490D is a survey course introducing Accessible Technology

It is estimated that between 750 million and one billion people globally have vision, speech, hearing, mobility or cognitive limitations. We will consider how impairment and aging may affect a person's use of interactive devices, common assistive technologies and information technology. This course will discuss the growing role of technology in society and how design and engineering determine usability and access to technology. We will discuss both barriers and solutions to access through an evaluation of a gamut of technologies that aim to increase function, productivity and independence for users with various disabilities. We will also consider the financial, cultural, knowledge and physical barriers that prevent many people from having access to computing, and therefore to the information and services that are accessed through computing.  Students enrolling in the winter capstone will be given priority placement in CSE490D in fall.

This course is structured in a two credit seminar in the fall, followed by a 5 credit intensive capstone project course in the winter.
Juniors and Seniors in Electrical Engineering, Human Centered Design Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bio Engineering and graduate students in Rehabilitation Medicine are all strongly encouraged to register.
Fall course 2 credits: CSE 490D: SLN 22970