Thursday, September 17, 2015

DAWGMA: A New Undergraduate Synthetic Biology Group

The future is here, and being a student in DAWGMA means shaping it. Why? Because DAWGMA students get to build new strains of microorganisms that can do new and useful tasks, which means near limitless possibilities! From colonizing Mars to curing cancer, programming microorganisms means programming the future. If you want to break out of traditional coursework and learn to build entirely new life forms, join DAWGMA. We are sponsored by the Klavins Lab and DAWGMA students will get to use Aquarium, a programmable, semi-automated molecular biology workflow that uses cutting edge techniques and instrumentation, instead of the traditional lab work. The only prerequisite is a strong interest in synthetic biology. Undergraduates at all levels, including freshmen, and students from all disciplines including engineering and biology, are encouraged to check out DAWGMA. For more information and to apply, visit