Monday, August 24, 2015

invitation to UW High-Performance-Computing Club (meeting #2 on Aug. 27)

UW High Performance Computing Club
General Meeting #2
August 27th, 2015
4-5pm in PAB C520
The next general High-Performance-Computing (HPC) club meeting will take place on August 27th from 4-5pm in PAB C520. As a reminder, anybody who pays the Student Technology Fee (undergrads and graduate students) are eligible to join the HPC Club and benefit from this powerful supercomputing resource. Hyak is our local supercomputer which has a powerful impact on enabling new research avenues across campus. The HPC Club aims to promote awareness of this supercomputing resource and provide training for students to learn effective and responsible use of HPC resources.
At this meeting we will discuss Hyak usage policies and ideas for upcoming training/workshops, share some usage statistics after recent installation of our new compute nodes, and introduce the new club officers to all of you. This new room in the Physics/Astronomy building should hold us all comfortably, and we plan to provide drinks and snacks! Furthermore, we will hold a logo design contest for our HPC Club. Please bring a laptop or print-out with your logo, and the winner claims fame to designing our first ever logo and will get a t-shirt (or coffee cup, etc.) with your logo on it!!! Please invite your friends and help recruit new members for the HPC Club :-) If you like to join the club and start using Hyak please see our “getting started” webpage.
Thanks and hope to see you soon!