Friday, August 28, 2015

Applied Research Opportunities for Engineering Students

What we do…
Patexia is a Los Angeles-based startup that uses crowdsourcing to solve engineering and innovation challenges for some of the largest technology companies and research-oriented organizations in the world. We were recently awarded a contract through the NASA Tournament Lab and we are looking for talented undergraduate and graduate engineering students to join our network as problem solvers and campus ambassadors.

Applied research opportunities…
Technical Problem Solver
The strength of Patexia’s crowdsourcing model comes from the global community of over 10,000 technical problem solvers and subject matter experts behind it. By joining our professional network as a student member you will have the chance to interface with top companies and research organizations in your field as you develop innovative solutions to real world challenges. Throughout the process you will be collaborating with classmates, professors, and experts from around the globe as you compete against teams from other US and international universities for bragging rights and cash prizes.

Campus Ambassador
As a bridge between industry-driven problems and university-based solutions, we need to work with the very best in order to exceed the expectations of clients such as NASA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The Patexia campus ambassador program is built around well-connected engineering students who can not only help us solve technical problems, but can share their experience with classmates, friends, and professors to help expand our reach. Campus ambassadors will regularly meet and train with the Patexia team and, in addition to compensation for meeting defined recruitment goals, ambassadors will be invited to relevant networking events and be given the opportunity to directly connect with important industry contacts.

How you can get involved.. .
If you are interested in collaborating with Patexia as a problem solver, campus ambassador, or both please contact us at a You can also read more about the perks of the ambassador program here on Patexia .