Monday, August 3, 2015

B H 460 Reflections on Responsibility, Research & Society

B H 460
Reflections on Responsibility, Research & Society
ethical and policy issues emerging from conduct of research
Autumn quarter undergrad seminar course
Tues & Thurs
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This course: Explores ethical and policy issues that emerge from conduct of basic, applied, translational, community-based, and biomedical research.  
Topics include: research misconduct, welfare of laboratory animals, human subjects research, conflicts of interest, collaborative research, data collection and management, mentorship and training, publication, authorship, and peer review. Through a combination of lecture, small group discussion and activities, and assigned case studies this course provides historical perspectives and presents the current ethical, institutional issues, and debates that arise during all phases of the conduct of research: (1) design and planning, (2) implementation, and (3) dissemination.
Target audience: Students with a broad range of exposure to research environments would benefit from this course. The course will be of interest to students considering team science and interdisciplinary research approaches.
Student comments: The guest speakers were excellent. Greatly appreciated how an effort was made to bring in speakers relevant to our interests! Very good class! The various topics & categories the course was divided into was very helpful. Also, discussion after each topic helped with better understanding of the topic being discussed.

Department of Bioethics & Humanities