Wednesday, July 8, 2015

EE Undergrad and/or Masters Level Programmers / Software Developers Needed

We are seeking developers to join the Aquarium human-in-the-loop automated lab project. The project involves an energetic and interdisciplinary team of engineers and biologists united by the common goal of making engineering synthetic living cells easier to build. Aquarium works by breaking down the complex steps of molecular biology experiments into simple instructions presented on touchscreen monitors to laboratory technicians. Join our team and help design the cutting edge software, user interfaces, and cloud-based services that will revolutionize laboratory work. Experience in one or more of the following areas is desired: Ruby/Rails, Python, Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS), HTML5, SVG, MySQL, and/or Amazon Web Services. 

We have several positions open for current undergraduates or masters students. If interested, please send your CV and an unofficial UW transcript to professor Eric Klavins at

About the Klavins Lab: We develop synthetic living systems, re-engineered organisms, and engineered parts for existing organisms. Our emphasis is on designing gene circuits and cell-cell communication systems that enable novel multicellular behaviors in bacteria or yeast. We take an engineering approach to this challenge, and are interested in the whole pathway from modeling and design of new systems to fabrication and testing of new living systems.