Thursday, April 2, 2015

Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University Summer Online Courses

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University will be offering several online courses this summer. All of the lectures will be offered online and all courses will be available to transient students. Students from other institutions who wish to enroll in courses during the summer only are considered transient students. With permission from your home university, these course credits may be transferred and applied towards your degree. Attached is a flyer and a Getting Started Packet that can be distributed to your students along with the information included below. The flyer has a summary of the courses we will offer this summer and the Getting Started Packet has application and registration information.

Tuition for ECE online undergraduate courses is *$634/credit hour for all students. *Tuition and fees may change without notice

For more information regarding the ECE Online Summer Program, please visit this website:

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact Ms. Janet Bean, Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator at or (864)656-5291.

Transient Application Deadlines:
SSI – May 13th
SSII – June 24th

We plan to offer the following courses this summer:

Summer Session I
ECE 2020 – Electric Circuits I
ECE 2720 – Computer Organization
ECE 2730 – Computer Organization Lab
ECE 3110 – Electrical Engineering Lab III
ECE 3200 – Electronics I
ECE 3300 – Signals and Systems
ECE 3710 – Microcontroller Interfacing
ECE 3800 – Electromagnetics
ECE 4090 – Continuous Systems
ECE 4570 – Wind Power
ECE 4670 – Digital Signal Processing

Summer Session II
ECE 2010 – Logic and Computing Devices
ECE 2070 – Basic Electrical Engineering
ECE 2620 – Electric Circuits II
ECE 3120 – Electrical Engineering IV
ECE 3170 – Random Signal Analysis
ECE 3210 – Electronics II
ECE 3520 – Programming Systems
ECE 3600 – Electric Power Engineering
ECE 3810 – Fields, Waves and Circuits
ECE 4270 – Communications Systems
ECE 4550 – Robot Manipulators