Thursday, March 19, 2015

Engineering! Summer Internships with M42

M42 Technologies (Seattle, WA) is a small research and development firm specializing in space systems engineering, algorithm development, and application of advanced technologies. Our strengths are in breakthrough innovation, and the aggressive pursuit of solutions to next and future generation problems We are focused on developing power, computing, communications, and navigation technologies for small satellites as well as CubeSat missions that will use them. M42Tech is looking for exceptionally talented individuals with good communication skills to join the team. Interns (must be U.S. citizens) will work in collaborative multidisciplinary teams on technologies, components, hardware and software that will fly in space. Areas of work this summer include:
  • -Satellite Systems Engineering
  • Space Power Systems
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Communications and Navigations
  • Orbital Determination and Dynamics
  • Digital Communications and Signal Processing
  • Spacecraft and Ground Station Antenna Design
  • Spacecraft Dynamics and Control
Apply through WA Space Grant and at