Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Graduate Writing Studios

ENGL 492 (2 credits)
"Graduate Writing Studio"
21022 ENGL 492 A M W 0830-0920 MGH 278
21023 ENGL 492 B T TH 0830-0920 MGH 278

In this course, students develop strategies they can apply to graduate writing tasks from their chosen disciplines, or to completing papers for publication and other professional purposes.

Upon completion students will have a better understanding about the conventions of writing in their academic fields. Students will analyze and report on writing in terms of:
  • Structure and layout of a successful article or paper written in their field or for their department courses
  • Vocabulary and rhetorical/grammatical style
  • Guidelines for department papers or for journal submissions
  • Citation style

Students will also be asked to apply the above conventions to a paper that they have written or are in the process of writing for a course or for publication in a journal. These could also be proposals/papers for conference presentations, or other professional projects.

No add codes are required for registration. *Please note that a course fee of $713.00 is charged in place of tuition. Students will need to check with their department to see if they will cover the cost of the class. Departments who agree to pay for the course can do so by contacting the UW Professional & Continuing Education Registration Office at 543-2310, and providing them with a budget number. Students who do not receive funding from their department will need to pay for the course when winter tuition is due.

Contact Amy Renehan ( if you have questions about the course or registration.