Tuesday, October 16, 2012

EMPLOYER EVENT: Student-Industry Meet and Greet

Tuesday, October 23
RSVP by publishing your resume to a Resume Book by clicking on the big green button here:  www.engr.uw.edu/coop
Questions?  Ask Ana!  wieman@uw.edu
Once you RSVP we’ll share full details about who is coming, where the event will be held.  We’ll also share the activity we’ve planned to help you make the most of this valuable networking opportunity to help you get that job!

This will be a great opportunity to meet employers who are hiring:
·         students for internships and co-op jobs
·         upcoming grads for full-time entry-level engineering jobs

Structured event will ensure that all students get a chance to talk with employers and:
·         Have the opportunity to learn more about the company
·         Tell employers what students are looking for in employment
·         Share resumes and contact information