Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teaching Opportunity at Seattle University

We're looking for an adjunct to teach ECEGR 407 – DSP Laboratory in Spring 2013. The course is scheduled for Thursdays, 1:30-5:50pm and the syllabus from the last time it was taught is shown below. The textbook can be changed and we're open to discuss modifications to the course based on the experience and expertise of the instructor. Could you forward this to your PhD students and postdocs who are looking for some teaching experience? They can email me at if they would like to apply for this opportunity or have questions.

ECEGR 407 – DSP Laboratory

2010-2011 Catalog Data:                                                                             2 credit hours

Use of modern Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software development systems. Debugging and analysis of program operation on DSP integrated circuits. DSP IC architectures. Analysis of test data in time and frequency domains. Prerequisite: ECEGR 312. Co-requisite: ECEGR 403

Prerequisites:                       Linear System Analysis; Corequisite: Digital Signal Processing
Textbooks:                             Digital Signal Processing System Design 2nd Ed., Kehtarnavaz, Academic Press, 2008
Course Objectives:               Give students a facility in the use of two commercial DSP hardware and software development systems. Familiarize them with debug techniques and analysis techniques such as profiling to determine real time parameters and data analysis to validate correct design. Introduce students to two popular DSP architectures.
Topics Covered:                    Analog Devices’ Visual DSP++, Texas Instruments’  Code Composer Studio, Introduction to MatLab DSP Toolbox and link to T.I tools, Profiling, A/D and D/A conversion, Practical Digital Filter design and implementation,Debug tools, Architecture of Analog Devices’ SHARC 21065L, Architecture of Texas Instruments’ TMS 320C6711, Fast Fourier transforms, Data-Rate Conversions
Class/Lab Schedule: One 50-minute lecture and one four-hour laboratory session per week.
Professional Component Contribution:
ECEGR 407 is an elective lab for both electrical engineering majors and for those taking the computer engineering specialization.   It is designed to give facility in commercially popular DSP ICs and software development environments.
Course Coordinator: Alvin Moser  August 2010

Course Outcomes:
At the end of the course students will be able to
1. Create a new project on Code Composer Studio and Visual DSP++, enter and edit source files and build the project to executable code.
2. Transfer programs to the target device on the respective evaluation boards and carry out basic debug   activities such as setting breakpoints, running the program and examining data.
3. Perform simple analysis of test data in both time domain and frequency domain.
4. Show familiarity with the architecture of the DSP chips involved in the evaluation boards in use, being able to draw a block diagram of the various components of the chip and describe their use.