Thursday, September 27, 2012

Join the US Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Officer Program

An opportunity below to join the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program.

In addition, LT Kristine Hime, LT Caleb Wines, and LT Monica Coxe from the Navy will be holding 2 information sessions with EE students on Monday October 22. Times are at noon and 1 PM in Loew 355. Lunch will be provided.

Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program

Job description: Technical supervisor for reactor and steam plant operations aboard aircraft carriers and submarines. Receive unparalleled training in reactor theory, design and operations along with leadership and management experience.

Salary: $15000 bonus upon passing technical interviews

$2317/month base pay plus $1323/month housing allowance during undergrad years; $2828/month base pay plus housing allowance (varies by geographical location) upon graduation

Full medical and dental insurance

Responsibilities: As an undergrad, your responsibility is to maintain your grades and stay within height/weight standards - no additional training is required; uniform and grooming standards not required while completing degree.

Upon graduation, you will attend Officer Candidate School and Nuclear Power Training. As an officer, you could be in charge of a multi-billion dollar engineroom at sea; work on design and troubleshooting of reactor plant components as a Naval Reactors Engineer in Washington, DC; or teach future fleet operators the fundamentals of nuclear power in Charleston, SC. Regardless of which path you choose, you will have the opportunity to travel and gain valuable technical as well as leadership skills to make you extremely competitive for future hiring.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a US citizen, 19-29 years old, enrolled in 4-year degree program. Must be within 30 months of graduation and have completed 1 full year each of Calculus and Calculus-based physics with a C or better. Must meet height/weight standards and medical requirements for service. No outstanding legal or moral issues.

For more information, please contact LT Kristine Hime at 425-308-0092 or

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